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Layers Of Lies
October 2005
Released: 2005, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The time has come for Darkane to unleash their long awaited new album LAYERS OF LIES. This follows up their 2002 album EXPANDING SENSES. Darkane play modern thrash, Sweden style, and their music can be compared to other Swedish acts like In Flames, Soilwork and the older Entombed. The main difference between those bands is that Darkane play more aggressive and technical thrash that includes a lot more tempo changes. Vocalist, Andreas also has a more aggressive and faster vocal style then already mentioned band’s lead singers.

Darkane decided to produce the album themselves and they have done a great job. They have managed to bring out the absolutely best of every song and the production is well-balanced and thought through. The biggest part of the production belongs to Andreas and the guitar-players Christoffer and Klas. Together they deliver a steady and heavy guitar performance that really knocks you off your feet. All of the music is captured on disc in a brilliant way and therefore I really think that the guys maybe should keep producing their albums by their own.

Darkane have found a gold mine in Andreas voice. He sings/screams in a great way and along with the rest of the band he creates the sweetest thrash sound I’ve heard so far this year I think. In the rhythm section we find Jörgen on bass and on drums we have one of today’s most brilliant drummers, Peter Wildoer. Peter has both technical ability and speed and gives the band a solid foundation to play their music upon.

On my promo copy there are 12 furious tracks, amongst them we find 3 strictly instrumental songs named in a really strange way (read the tracklist then you’ll know what I mean). All of the songs are of extreme musical quality and it feels like the band really have put down some serious work behind the material. The whole album feels dynamic, furious, brilliant and above all really well played. If this album can’t take them abroad and gain them more success I don’t know what will. Their metal colleagues and label mates from Helsingborg, Soilwork, ought to watch out now that LAYERS OF LIES is unleashed. I can guarantee any of the older fans that you’re not gonna be disappointed when you hear LAYERS OF LIES thrashing your stereo, for those who’s not into Darkane yet – I command you to get out and buy LAYERS OF LIES right away!! With bands like Darkane I’m proud to be Swedish.

When the time has come to sum up this year and it’s time to make your own best of chart I can imagine that this album are going to be high up on every album chart.

“Be prepared when the thrash tank LAYERS OF LIES knocks you down”.

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Track Listing

Amnesia Of The Wildoerian Apocalypse
Secondary Effects
Organic Canvas
Layers Of Lies
Godforsaken Universe
Klastrophobic Hibernation
Vision Of Degradation
Maelstrom Crisis
Decadent Messiah
The Creation Insane


Andreas Sydow – lead vocals
Christoffer Malmström – guitar
Klas Ideberg – guitar
Jörgen Löfberg – bass
Peter Wildoer – drums

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