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Layers of Lies
September 2005
Released: 2005, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

Standing heads and shoulders above anything the band has released since the unfuckwith-able RUSTED ANGEL, the newest Darkane platter is one deathly serious, juggernaut of a record. Following up the disappointing-at-times EXPANDING SENSES effort, LAYERS OF LIES is a deeply textured and thought out record. It’s damn near perfect, to tell you the truth.

The record’s primary strength lies within it’s ability to be both a technically staggering achievement, as well as a memorable one. Each song is carefully structured for maximum impact, both physically and emotionally. Take the stunning opening track, “Secondary Effects”, for example. Though the song possesses all of the trademark Darkane aesthetics (thrashy guitar work, extensive lead playing, and challenging rhythms), it is arranged PERFECTLY, with particular attention being paid to the oft-ignored use of pre-chorus.

The end results of songs like this one is truly impressive, and it just keeps getting better as one makes their way through the remainder of the album. “Godforsaken Universe” plays out like Testament on some serious uppers, while the title track itself is an epic monster of a song, complete with a chorus to die for, courtesy of Andreas Sydow.

Let us not forget the Herculean guitar efforts of the demonic duo of Klas Ideberg and Christoffer Malmstrom (check the instrumental, "Klasberg Hibernation", or the title track intro), nor the octopus-like drumming of superhuman Peter Wildoer; this ungodly triumvirate attack and astonish the listener throughout each of this album’s twelve tracks with ruthless precision, yet can just as easily melt one’s soul with their own searing brand of melody.

Needless to say, LAYERS OF LIES is not only essential listening for all Darkane fans, but a mandatory purchase for all into Swe-death, and are sick of suburban kids in girl’s jeans doing it for them. Moreover, I’d venture to say that this record should win over more than it’s fair share of Darkane non-believers as well, so I think it goes without saying that, in this reviewer’s opinion at least, LAYERS OF LIES is a must have.
Track Listing

1. Amnesis of the Wildoerian Apocalypse
2. Secondary Effects
3. Organic Canvas
4. Fading Dimensions
5. Layers of Lies
6. Gosforsaken Universe
7. Klastrophobic Hibernation
8. Vision of Degradation

9. Contaminated

10. Maelstrom Crisis

11. Decadent Messiah


Andreas Sydow-vocals
Christofer Malmstrom-guitar
Klas Ideberg-guitar
Jorgen Loftberg-bass
Peter Wildoer-drums

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