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November 2012
Released: 2012, Abyss Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Sweden is known for its exports of extreme and death metal with acts ranging from Opeth, Soilwork, entombed, Vomitry and Amon amarth among them. With the current climate circulating this, Daemonicus are a welcomed addition. The band have a impressive building block back catalogue such as "Demo from Hell", "Demon Inside" and "Swarm Of Death" all demo’s which began the formulating process for the bands unique sound that has become solidified on "11th Hour" Ep [2011] and latest release "Deadwork”.

The album begins with ”A dead work of art” that has the strong pro-pullsion of traditional death metal, with vast similarities vocally to Tom G Warrior and bleak vocal themes to match the deep desolate guitar style. As the album however goes on the speed, increases with velocity that sounds more like Death mixed with their own sound, that really comes together during ”Embracing her remains” Which is sublime. With Stefan Hagström’s vocals really coming into their own along with the intricate guitar duality of Persson and wester that bounce off each other fantastically.

“We feast on your flesh” is a true highlight for the bass lines of Pudas, that are for-fronted along with the incredibly drums of Hallbäck, the track really brings the album together. “The Hymn of Ubo Sathla” and “From Alive to Dead Life” are two complimentary songs that enrich each other as one flows into the other mid-album.

The last portion of the album opening with “Blood Red November MDXX”, explores the more guitar diversity blasts through quickly as another jump starter of “Inhabited” which has the signature mini-guitar solo over the adrenaline assault of drums. “Nothing But Death” and “As Extinction Came” finish the album with the same heavy to the bones style of playing that ends on a high note when the final track ends, you feel exhausted due to the bomb blasting speed of the album.

Review by Ashlinn Nash
Track Listing

1. A Dead Work of Art
2. The Grandeur of Total Termination
3. Embracing Her Remains
4. We Feast on Your Flesh
5. The Hymn of Ubo Sathla
6. From Alive to Dead Life
7. Blood Red November (MDXX)
8. Inhabited
9. Nothing But Death
10. As Extinction Came


Stefan Hagström - Vocals
PO Wester - Guitars
Jörgen Persson - Guitars
Martin Pudas - Bass
Johan Hallbäck - Drums

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