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Dark Tranquillity
Lost To Apathy EP
January 2005
Released: 2004, n/a
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Dark Tranquillity released earlier this year a recap of what they have achieved so far. The album was called EXPOSURES – IN RETROSPECT & DENIAL and was released in May. Now it’s time to look straight ahead and into the future for the guys with their new album.

This EP is the first taste of what the new album CHARACTER is going to sound like. The album is due to be released sometime in early 2005. Dark Tranquillity play modern melodic death metal and the melodic parts can be lead to their use of electronics.

There’s nothing remotely wrong with the sounsdcape or the production on this EP, it sounds just like it should. The band have produced “Lost To Apathy” by themselves and both “The Endless Feed-Chaos Seed Remi” and “Derivation TNB” are produced by the member Martin Brändström.

All of the songs are written and arranged by the band and Brändström has done the remix of “The Endless Feed”. That song was recorded in The Room & Rogue Music and was also re-mixed there. “Derivation TNB” and “Lost To Apathy” were also recorded in the same studio, but the drums were recorded in Studio Fredman and the owner Fredrik Nordström took care of the mixing of the last song mentioned.

This EP contains about twenty minutes of music and as a bonus they have featured the video to “Lost To Apathy” and a screen saver for the computer. The EP features four songs and it all kicks off with “Lost To Apathy.” The song is a real neck breaker. It’s heavy/hard and the tempo is raging in some parts of the song. Vocalist Mikael Stanne sounds really angry and the heavy riffing guitars are played by Martin Henriksson and Niklas Sundin. Martin Brändström on electronics takes a big part in the soundscape as well.

The next track is “Derivation TNB” which, according to the bio, is a non album track. The info note explains that the song features “severely altered bits and pieces from various songs from the upcoming album”. To me this track sounds like a ballad. The songs goes incredibly slow with electronics and almost whispering lead vocals. Nothing much really happens in this track and it’s quite boring actually.

Then comes “The Endless Feed” and according to the bio this song should be “a harsh and violent version of a song from Character”. In other words, it's a re-mix of a new track from the upcoming album. I haven’t heard the original song but this re-mix sounds like they are way ahead in the industry and metal land. They play with electronics and razor-sharp guitar tunes. Stanne sounds like a darker Marilyn Manson and again his vocal range reaches from whispering vocals to dark and angry vocals straight through the song. If you’re a fan of industrial metal I’m pretty sure this is something for you. I know that I like it and it’s quite fascinating that the guys have the guts to move into the industrial metal land with thought of that genre. It’s gonna be fun to hear what the song sounds like in it’s original shape on CHARACTER.

The last track on this EP is a live song called “Undo Control” and it’s taken from the DVD LIVE DAMAGE. It’s a track from the Grammy nominated album PROJECTOR from 1999. The song is a slow ballad like thing with an uptempo chorus. This is probably the most boring track of these four songs.

That leads us straight in to the bonus stuff. The video “Lost To Apathy” is a nice looking video that really works with the song and if the TV channels doesn’t pick up this video it’s their loss. The screen saver is a slide show with live pictures taken from the festival shows during spring/summer 2004. All the really great photos are taken by Diana von Tanheren.

This EP feels like a really good warm up to the new studio album and I’m sure that this EP is not gonna disappoint any fans of the band. Dark Tranquillity have also been confirmed as a support to Kreator on their European tour during February and March 2005 and the guys have also signed on for three more albums with Century Media .
Track Listing

1. Lost To Apathy
2. Derivation TNB
3. The Endless Feed (Chaos Seed Remix)
4. UnDo Control (live)
5. Lost To Apathy (video)


Mikael Stanne – lead vocals
Martin Henriksson – guitar
Niklas Sundin – guitar
Michael Niklasson – bass
Anders Jivarp – drums
Martin Brändström – electronics

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