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Dark the Suns
In Darkness Comes Beauty
June 2008
Released: 2007, Firebox Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Do you miss Sentenced? Have you always wished that Sentenced had stayed a little bit heavier and kept the growling vocals but kept the dreary melodic atmosphere? If you have, allow me to introduce you to your new favourite band – Dark the Suns. While IN DARKNESS COMES BEAUTY may be these Finn’s debut album, it’s safe to say that they are HUGE fans of their now gone countrymen. Of course, we shouldn’t dismiss these folks just for that, so let’s dig a bit deeper.

As you might expect, crunchy but melodic riffs dominate immediately during the opener, “Reflections”. Interspersed throughout the guitars is, of course, the also expected keyboard tinkling, topped off with Mikka Ojala’s harsh growl. It’s so like Sentenced (and a ton of other goth metal bands) that you can’t help but be struck by how derivative it is...but damned if it also isn’t catchy. “The Sleeping Beauty” follows the same pattern to a “T”, before “Black Sun” brings some welcome variety to the album with a much heavier, more mid-paced attack.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album follows along this same path, with little other variation. Song after song blends together, wrapped around the same chugging riff attack. It’s all good stuff, but it’s all the SAME good stuff.

Fans of gothic metal will eat this up without hesitation; after all, it is pretty good. All in all though, Dark the Suns just isn’t quite ready for the big time yet. IN DARKNESS COMES BEAUTY is a good start, but the band needs to find their own voice, put their own spin on their chosen genre, before they can make a mark.
Track Listing

1) Reflections
2) The Sleeping Beauty
3) Black Sun
4) Alone
5) A Darkness to Drown In
6) Angel Soul
7) Drama for Gods
8) Ghost Bridges
9) Like Angels and Demons
10) Away


Mikka Ojala: Vocals, Guitar
Juha Kokkonen: Keyboards
Inka Tuomaala: Bass
Markus Lehtinen: Drums

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