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Dark Shift
June 2002
Released: 2002, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Thrash influenced traditional metal. Damn this stuff is hard to come by today. Every band out there is trying to fit into one of the many metal niches and the good ol' straight ahead metal band seems to have been forgotten. Well, Dark Shift play straight ahead traditional metal that touches on thrash. The band is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was formed in October 2000. The lineup is Lewie Snyder (vocals and guitar), Joel Wanasek (lead guitar), Brett Dumstrey (bass) and Tommy ‘the gunner’ Lodwick (drums). The demo consists of 4 songs and clocks in at 20 minutes.

Opening track “Lost Forever” is the highlight piece of the disc. “The Last Door” starts off slow and melodic and then turns into an all out thrasher. Lots of shredding by Wanasek and a good crunchy rhythm that just makes ya wanna bang your head. The disc closer, “Keeper,” is the fastest track on here and again is a headbanging feast!

I have to give credit where credit is due. This genre of metal is not the most popular right now and Dark Shift have plunged headlong into the traditional metal arena and embraced this genre with great enthusiasm. That alone gives them points in my book. The real points come from the fact that these guys are a good band and have released a great demo. I would have liked Snyder to have shown a little more range in the vocal department and thrown in a scream or 2 but on the whole this is a great disc. The production is great for a demo and the songs had me banging my head--which is not very good when trying to type a review, but who said listening to metal was easy?

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