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Dark Order
The Violence Continuum
October 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

These heavy metal heroes that bring us metal thunder from down under need no introduction to the regular readers of However, I thought as the band was nice enough to send me a promo copy of TVC I felt at very least I should share my comments, even if some of the more cynical/suspicious bastards in the crowd will point out the conflict of interest since Dark Order is now distributed by in North America.

This is far more thrashy than I expected. I don’t know why but I had the incorrect notion that these guys were more of a power metal thing like Black Majesty or Black Steel, how wrong I was .

This is a straight-ahead thrash classic that could easily go head to head with an other modern thrash act like Forte or Imagika. Lots of speed, ripping riffs, licks and leads make this a guitarists dream. There are subtle hints of Maiden in places like the beginning to En Sabah Nur.

There is a nice sci-fi theme running through the album from the cool intro piece (with spoken word intro) and sci-fi theme to cuts like ‘Terran Empire’ and ‘Condition Red’. The band switches gears and finishes with a trilogy adaptation of Moby Dick. I’m going to wrap up this quick review because there is not too much more to be said that has not already been said here on the site or by fans and critics around the world, but I wanted to add my voice to the choir that is singing the praises of this great band. It won’t be long before they make the big time.
Track Listing

1. Mission to the Continuum
2. War Has Begun
3. The Terran Empire
4. Slaves of A Nameless God
5. En Sabah Nur
6. Systemized Jewish Nazism
7. Condition Red
8. Bulit of blood, not Stone

The Moby Dick Triology

9. Overture
10. Blood of the Sea
Once More Unto The Breach.


Raul Ignacio Alverez-Vocals Guitars
Nawar Delati-Guitar
Zoran Mrakic-Bass
Guest Drummer Steve Moore



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