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Dark Nova
July 2005
Released: 2005, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Dark Nova is a Greek band that their bio states have been around since 1987. Despite the fact that they have existed for so long, and released 2 albums prior to SIVILLA, they are a mystery to me – I’d never heard of them until now, despite the fact that they’ve opened for a number of well known bands (Testament, Fates Warning, and Rage being among them). The band plays a mix of traditional metal and keyboard-heavy power metal, though the power metal side is more akin to the American style, rather than the flowery Euro stuff.

After a couple listens to this album, its easy to understand why the band has yet to make a big name for themselves outside of their home country. Quite simply, SIVILLA is not exciting at all. Bland power metal riffs chugged over and over again, drenched in weak keyboards, topped by a vocalist who just doesn’t match up to the masters (Dickinson, Heiman, etc.) are the order of the day, and after almost 50 minutes, I’m almost asleep. To be fair, there is nothing actively bad about this disc, but I can’t find anything noteworthy to recommend either.

You’d think that existing for almost 20 years would have almost forced the band to learn how to write an exciting heavy metal song, but I guess not. It’s pretty clear that at this point, Dark Nova is destined to be local openers for bigger bands, and at this point in their career that’s just sad. Despite what they might believe, SIVILLA is not the album to take them to the next level. Keep at it guys, I hear Iced Earth is looking for an opening act for their next Greek tour…
Track Listing

1) Avernus (intro)
2) Come Into My Nightmare
3) Desperate Act
4) Sivilla
5) El Cant De La Sibil (instrumental)
6) In A Crevasse of Time
7) Flight To The Unknown
8) Out Of The Silence
9) Reach For The Sky
10) Starchild
11) A Drifter In Stillness
12) Too Late To Hide


Elias Koskoris: Guitars
Nick Adams: Drums
Michael Choulakis: Vocals
Mary Tassouli: Keyboards
Kiki: Bass

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