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Capricornus Tenebrarum
Et Demonivm at Aeternvm
May 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

90's black metal nostalgia is the order of the day for Mexico’s Capricornus Tenebrarum. I’ve not delved heavily into the Mexican scene, though I hear there’s a good underground scene within the black metal genre so from the outset I’m intrigued.

Summed up, on this album (their debut), Capricornus Tenebrarum play melodic black metal, very Scandinavian, with keyboard highlights. Think Setherial's 'Nord' and Emperors's 'Nightside…' (only not as grand as the latter) and to more seasoned black metal listeners this is very similar to the likes of the USA's Blood-Stained Dusk or Crimson Moon.

This genre is right up my street, but despite it ticking all the boxes initially, is it any good?

Well, yes for the most part. The key elements are very enjoyable, the execution is reasonably good, and the songs are well structured and enjoyable. However the catch for me is the production. It's not even bad production but at times it seems to sound flat and sap the life out of the songs. I think the main issue is the guitar tone which isn’t great and doesn’t help to carry the momentum of the songs.

That said, a few songs into the album, I can get past the sketchy sound and start to enjoy the tracks more (and likewise with each subsequent listen). From what I can gather the lyrics are of a satanic nature and whilst I've no issue here, some of the more obvious audible lyrics strike me as a little generic.

The album is interspersed with haunting keyboard and/or clean guitar interlude tracks which are a nice touch, however of the nine tracks present, only five of them are metal tracks and as a result the album does seem to loose pace for the latter part so I think the track order could have been different to allow a better flow.

For a debut effort this is a promising start but I think there's a lot of work that could be done and greater care could be taken with the final product. I genuinely wish the band well and will look out for their next release as I think they show great promise and could well produce a stunning album, if it all comes together.

Recommended track: Abyssmal Visions from Beyond.
Track Listing

1. Prophecies of a Burning Heaven
2. Abjuration of Holiness
3. Goat Kvlt Rite
4. A Sacrifice of Useless Souls
5. Unholy Night of Torment
6. A Prayer to the Devil
7. Slowly Passing by the Realms of Sorrow...
8. Abyssmal Vissions from Beyond
9. Decayed Paradise


Eros - Bass
Kroptugr Kvikindi - Drums
Kynisk - Guitars
Draugoth - Keyboards
Necro Tenebrarum - Vocals, Guitars

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