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In Your Blood
July 2007
Released: 2007, Season Of Mist
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Mortuai

As I seemed to be doing an inordinately high number of reviews featuring the word "Blood" in the title already this month, I figured - why not one more? The result, unfortunately, is my first sub-3.0 rating for Metal-Rules, which is probably not a good sign. So, who and what is Cadaveria? Well, Cadaveria the band is a group headed up by Cadaveria the vocalist, who split from the decidedly mediocre Italian doom/black metal group Opera IX in 2001, citing "musical and spiritual differences," bringing drummer Flegias (a.k.a. Marcelo Santos) along with her and recruiting guitarist Frank Booth and Necrodeath bassist John (a.k.a. Killer Bob) to complete the lineup. The group signed a contract with Scarlet records, released two relatively lackluster albums in 2002 and 2004, and subsequently went to Season Of Mist for the recording and release of 2007's IN YOUR BLOOD. The good news about the new album is it is a definite improvement from the previous two releases. The bad news is the former sentence isn't really saying much.

Cadaveria's style can best be described as goth-doom with the occasional progressive and industrial hints thrown into the mix. The vocals are...well, I guess "interesting" is a good way to put it. Sometimes Cadaveria sings in a softer, more "melodic" style, going for the "female-fronted-goth-band" approach, which works fairly well except for the fact her accent is so strong it leads to occasional moments of unintentional hilarity. Sometimes she unleashes the black-metal rasps she was known for doing in Opera IX, and again, those usually sound pretty decent if you happen to like that vocal style. And sometimes she sings a more aggressive/melodic mix which again sounds decent but not spectacular. While none of the styles are anything to write home about, I must give her plenty of credit for being able to vary her vocal style as much as she does. Killer Bob and Marcelo Santos are much the same, actually - good at what they do and flexible in terms of style. Guitarist Frank Booth is a talented lead artist, but he doesn't get many chances to stand out as a lot of the tracks are lacking solos.

IN YOUR BLOOD unfortunately commits the cardinal sin of albums: it puts the boring shit up first. Opening track "100,000 Faces" is a lifeless snoozer of a droning piece, and following song "The Dream" isn't much better, though it does get a bit of variety into its delivery with the piano and chunky guitar riffs. Things start to improve as the album continues along, reaching high points by "Laying In Black," which could probably fit alongside a lot of the hits from popular goth-metal hybrid bands today...provided you ignore the fact in the melodic portions, Cadaveria sings all the lines with one note. "Exorcism To Chaos" is actually a pretty good industrial-black-doom blend that shows definite signs of real aggression and the unusually-titled "Before The Apes Came" has a really nice moody atmosphere and effective, doomy groove, but most of the other songs aren't really anything special.

Overall, IN YOUR BLOOD is a decent album...and that's about it: "decent." It's not really bad, but nothing great either. Goth fans who also happen to like black metal vocals will probably enjoy it, but I can't guarantee anyone else will.
Track Listing

1. 100,000 Faces
2. The Dream
3. Anagram
4. Memento Audere Semper
5. Laying In Black
6. Queen Of Forgotten
7. Exorcism To Chaos
8. Uneven Like Clouds
9. Before The Apes Came
10. Virtual Escape From Tragedy
11. Atypical Suggestions By A Dead Artist
12. Enlightened


Cadaveria - Vocals
Frank Booth - Guitars
Killer Bob - Bass
Marcelo Santos - Drums

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