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The Curse Of Candlemass (DVD)
March 2006
Released: 2005, Escapi Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Arto Lehtinen

“The Curse Of Candlemass” Dvd delayed a little bit from the original schedule due to all kinds of hassles around the band, for example the Swedish doom legends Candlemass went and split up for some time, but they fortunately came back to sense and sorted out the problems. The DVD was shot before this ridiculous split up in Stockholm on the 29th of November 2003 in the Fryshuset club in Stockholm. By the way the whole Finnish metal rules squad happened to witness the gig and if some of you has missed a gig article of the show, so check out this link

The gig was definitely outstanding indeed, the band was in damn good strike during the whole show. Judging by what I saw it was quite a normal thing to assume a killer DVD release from the Candlemass camp.

If I have understand right, the package was supposed to include two dvd cds, but for a reason or another the promo version sent to me for a review happens to include only one cd just having this so called farewell gig before the unexpected split up.

The whole 90 minute epicus doomicus metallicus march was kicked off by the wellknown Candlemass intro aka “March Funebre”. For obvious reasons the camera or cameras follow Messiah Marcolin’s stage manners and performances quite well. Of course other guys got their own places on the DVD.Sometimes shooting angles look quite weird as for example Leif’s bassplaying has been shot thru between legs of guitarists. But on the other hand the real live feelings have been managed to capture well when nearby shot of sweating guitarists with evil looking grins describe well the band’s passion and willing to spell the whole packed club with the majestic sounding doom metal. The director has been extreme aware of how to make a doom good looking live DVD by selecting different cameraplaces as the band as well as the director haven’t relied fortunately on one-two camera shooting. Instead there are a whole bunch of cameras placed in the clubs to capture the live feeling of the Candlemass show.Of course the band must have sacrificed themselves on the stage of Fryshuset more 100% to give an impression of being more than a boring doom metal as the music dominates and sounds are great. Especially the whole packed club of the Stockholm (Hey there were a lot of Finns as well!) kept raging, banging and doomdancing thru the whole show and show to be extreme devoted to the true doom classic.

Anyway the DVD is an essential must pay for every doom metal as well as Candlemass fan. The dvd is pure doom magic from the beginning to the end.
Track Listing

1. Demons Gate
2. Dark Reflection
3. Well of Souls
4. Into the Unfathomed Tower
5. Ancient Dreams
6. The Bells of Acheron
7. Witches
8. Mirror Mirror
9. A Cry from the Crypt
10. Mourners Lament
11. Black Stone Weilder
12. Solitude
13. At the Gallows End


Vocals : Messiah Marcolin
Guitars : Lars Johansson
Guitars : Mappe Björkman
Bass : Leif Edling
Drums : Jan Lindh

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