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Cadaver Inc.
May 2001
Released: 2001, Earache Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

"Fast, affordable, murder scene clean-up and corpse removal..."; that´s what this Norwegian 4-piece killing team (inc. Anders Odden from the legendary death squad Cadaver - still anyone remember out there?!) is all about - and even more!! At least murderously fast they are with all the blast bea(s)ts, chaotic, in-yer-ugly-face-riffs, thought-provoking lyrics and all that - sounding like a 333-miles-per-hour going, speeded-up bullet train with the highest octane - containing unstoppable, maximized hyper-energy witnessed by no man for a very long time. Strange enough, I would say, but after the 1st three songs - "Primal", "Deliverance" and "Murderhead" in the very order, I actually felt pretty damn breathless and numb due to the album´s tightly-packaged, intense atmosphere that´s going thru every single song herein without having no intention to give its listener a short break for a longer breath.

This stuff is, I guess heavily, intented to hammer you down first and foremost - with a similar intensity and a maniac-like drive that can only be found from such church-moving releases as Emeror´s ANTHEMS TO THE WELKIN AT DUSK and Angel Corpse´s THE INEXORABLE. It´s like sometimes you start feeling you just cannot take it any more; it´s simply too much to swallow for just one listening session. REALLY!!!!

Cadaver Inc.´s post-Black Metal surely is neither anything ground-breaking nor new in the metal scene, BUT it definitely cleans some air as they soooo determinedly churn their shit out with such a raw and deadly mentality and attitude that these dudes´ motivations just cannot be questioned by any poor asses. Without a slightest doubt, they are MEAN and fuckin´ SERIOUS by their nature, so DO-NOT-FUCK with them on the same table!! They ARE hungry and you´ll be their dinner, believe me!!

If you are a fan of fast of the fastest - and deadly of the deadliest Black-Deathrash-Speed Metal, then "Discipline" is something for you you should get your hungry teeth into. Oh, and be sure to check out their marvelous website as well ´coz it´s very much worth-seeing:

(...and remember who warned you ´bout it first!!).
Track Listing

01. Primal
02. Deliverance
03. Murderhead
04. Rupture
05. Die Like This
06. Point Zero
07. Killtech
08. Reptile Robots
09. Manic
10. Snapper Organs
11. Discipline


Apollyon - Vocals and bass
Neddo - Guitar
Balvaz - Guitar
Czral - Drums

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