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Candlelight Red
The Wreckage
October 2011
Released: 2011, Imagen Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Candlelight Red are a four-piece modern hard rock act based out of Pennsylvania. Formed in 2005, THE WRECKAGE is their debut full length album for the Imagen label. Prior to the release of THE WRECKAGE the band enjoyed some moderate success with the album teaser single "Closer" on hard rock formatted radio statons.

THE WRECKAGE begins with a brief middle eastern oriented prelude that segues into the bouncy, tribal like rhythms of "The Dirt"a song not that far removed, musically speaking, from early Godsmack. I can best describe the vocal style of Candlelight Red singer Ryan Hoke as a cross between Maynard James Keenan and Linkin Park, as he blends softly sung verse sections with faux-aggro phrasing come chorus time. I do get the impression that guitarist Jeremy Edge might be the lone metal player in Candlelight Red as some of the riffs on THE WRECKAGE have a classic metal feel to them, namely "Gone Forever" and "Bend and Break"; however needless breakdowns lose momentum for these riffs, slowing down for groovier territory instead of delivering full tilt neck breaking glory.

Candlelight Red also include an odd choice of a cover tune with their reconstructed interpretation of the eighties top forty it "She's Got The Look". How the four band members all locked in and mutually decided on covering this track is anyone's guess.

THE WRECKAGE was produced by the Grammy nominated producer David Ivory and the end result is an album with a good dynamic range that never sounds overly squashed or compressed yet still incorporates the bells and whistles of modern production techniques. The packaging for THE WRECKAGE on the other hand is a bit below average I'd say. No lyrics, a lone band photo and a tiny two panel inlay is all she wrote. All in all and with minor packaging flaws aside, this is a pretty decent debut effort by these four and only time will tell what's next for Candlelight Red. I would suggest that they beef up on overall aggression.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. The Dirt
3. Closer
4. Gone Forever
5. The Wreckage
6. Bend And Break
7. Scream
8. Medicated
9. In Your Hands
10. She's Got The Look


Ryan Hoke - Lead Vocals
Jeremy Edge - Guitar
Josh Hetrick - Drums
Jamie Morral - Bass, Backing Vocals



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