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Recreatio Carminis
February 2014
Released: 2013, Massacre Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I never ceased to be amazed at the popularity of the gothic, symphonic Metal with a soprano vocals style. It doesn’t bother me because I personally love the style and after almost a dozen years the sound is as popular as ever. There are dozens of these types of bands and it is hard to follow them all and accordingly this is our first review of Coronatus album for

RECREATIO CARMINIS is the German bands fifth album and still sees them safely at home on the Massacre Records label where they have spent their entire career. The band has had so many line-up changes with only Drummer Mats being the constant founding member since the beginning. The most noticeable change is the return of vocalist Carmen Lorch who did not perform on the last record. Aside from that the chronically unstable line-up seems to have solidified.

The band now have the triple female vocal attack, a sound that I think is pretty rare, or perhaps even unique in Metal. Each vocalist has a different style and the lyrics delivered in English, German and a hint of Latin make this a very cosmopolitan sounding record. It is easy to identify each woman and her style and while you may think that three competing female vocalists could be a recipe-for-disaster, they are each so unique in tone and delivery it works really well.

Overall the songs are standard gothic, symphonic songs, with orchestration and subtle sonic elements among the bombastic sounds but the compositions seem to be simple, perhaps to set the stage for the strength of the bands style, namely the triple vocal attack. There are some violin parts and some acoustic parts and a good layer of crunchy guitar and pounding drums. I really like this sound and I wish that the ten song (plus intro) album was longer than just 42 minutes. I’d like to hear some more adventure in the composition and arrangement as all the songs fall into a three to four minute range. As it stands my favourite cut is one of the longer more adventurous songs, ‘Der Gesandte’.

Some critics and cynics might suggest that Coronatus are Nightwish clones but that would be an unfair accusation as Coronatus were formed just a couple of years after Nightwish. However Nightwish came roaring out the gate really fast and Coronatus took eight years to release their debut LUX NOCTIS. Coronatus has made up ground by releasing five albums in six years, so they are on a real surge of productivity and evidenced by the excellent effort on RECREATIO CARMINIS their creativity hasn’t suffered.
Track Listing

1. Ouvertüre
2. Towards Horizon
3. In meinem Reich
4. The Monk
5. Schwester
6. Der Gesandte
7. Winterrosen
8. Elisa (Eleven Swans)
9. Sternenstaub
10. So tanzt!
11. Erhebt die Wogen!


Mareike Makosch Vocals
Carmen R. Lorch Vocals
Ada Flechtner Vocals
Aria Keramati Noori Guitar
Dirk Baur Bass
Mats Kurth Drums

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