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Crack House
The Hits Just Keep On Coming
March 2015
Released: 2015, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

I guess it makes sense…I mean, bands like Cannabis Corpse and Weedeater have built their brands out of a fondness for Ms. Mary Jane, so why shouldn’t others want to espouse their love for the harder stuff? Sure, a crack habit can be a lot less fun than the recreational bong hit, but it’s got it fans, I suppose. At least that’s what I get from Philadelphia’s Crack House and their debut EP, THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMING. Seriously though, despite their best attempts to offend through a visage of bluntly offensive exploitation of substance abuse, Crack House delivers a surprisingly competent platter of tunes.

Wrapping their shtick with recollections of Ghoul, Iron Reagan, Exhumed, and some early GWAR, the band’s got the musical chops necessary to bolster such a ridiculous concept. Opening the EP with Jonah Hill’s impassioned plea to smoke crack with him, “Crack House” rips forth with barrage of up-tempo thrash riffs and some genuinely impressive lead work. “This Emergency Room is Gonna Need a Fucking Emergency Room” summons up some Venom worship in its gallop, while a tune like “March of the Crack Head” is the kind of disciplined grindcore that would make Shane Embury nod his head in approval. The hits only keep on coming for around 15 minutes, but it’s a pretty wild ride.

Despite my initial inclinations that Crack House was a kind of one-off joke band, the guys have slate of live photos and tour dates on their website, so go figure...Depending on your level of moral objectivity, you may find yourself steering clear of THE HITS JUST KEEP ON COMING on principle alone, but you’d be missing out on some mindless fun in the process.
Track Listing

1. Crack House
2. This Emergency Room is Gonna Need A Fucking Emergency Room
3. The Hits Just Keep On Coming
4. Junkie Fucker
5. March of the Crackhead


Chubb Rock – Vocals/Guitar
Shlak Rock – Vocals/Guitar
Shifty Shane – Drums
??? – Bass

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