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Cronic Disorder
Dead To The World
April 2000
Released: 1999, Big Fat Tatuh Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Simply put this is BRUTAL! Cronic Disorder are too heavy to be called thrash and not quite over the top enough to be called death metal. The band fall somewhere into that gray area between the two. This is the direction that Machine Head should of went in instead of turning into clowns and rapping. Cronic Disorder are from North Carolina, USA and have been together for 6+ years! Dead To The World is their first full-length CD, being preceded by 3 demos.

The sound quality on this CD is above average for an unsigned band. Vocally this band is borderline death metal. In places there are the growls but in other songs there are some actual attempts at melodic singing - no I'm not talking melodic like Helloween or something, this is more along the lines of the melody you can find in some of Slayer's material. In fact Cronic Disorder no doubt have spent a fair amount of time listening to Slayer. It shows in the riffing and guitar sounds. In a few places the vocals take on a hardcore edge. It's not overpowering so it's stomachable but I could still do without ANY hardcore leanings! A lot of the songs on the CD has the tendency to run together into one big evil blur that will take me a few more listens to really distinguish between the songs. The last track on the CD is listed as a bonus track and get this, it's a cover of a Johnny Cash song entitled "Folsom Prison Blues." It's starts out sounding like a typical hick tune then it gets VERY sick. You gotta laugh at this one and take it as the joke it was meant to be!

This CD is not a must have, but it does have it's moments. Considering the band have already been together for 6 years the only way for them to go is upwards. If the band incorporates a little more diversity into their songs and perhaps SOME melody they will get more attention.
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