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September 2006
Released: 2006, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: CrashTest

Cresent hail from Greensboro, North Carolina. North Carolina is not exactly a hotbed for metal and I should know, since I’ve lived here for over twenty-five years. Sure, there is plenty of heavy music being created in North Carolina, but very little of it is true, straight-up heavy metal like Cresent make. It’s as if bands in around here want to make heavy music, but nobody can sing so they end up going hardcore, grindcore or metalcore. There’s only so much of that that I can stomach so Cresent are definitely a breathe of fresh air on the local scene.

I didn’t discover Cresent until a few weeks ago when I stumbled onto their Myspace page. I wanted to check them out, but the media player on their space wasn’t working that day. I came back again a few days later and still had no luck. As fate would have it, the band released their first CD a couple weeks later and I was off to the races. After giving this CD a good half dozen spins over a one week period there’s not much to say. That’s not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. There’s a little of both.

First, the good. Cresent make music that fans of bands like Iron Maiden and Iced Earth should appreciate. These guys are pretty solid on their instruments and you can sense a love for what they’re doing in the music. Passion for what you’re creating is vital, so that can’t be discounted.

Now, the not-so-good. In short, the songwriting is mediocre and they need to develop their own sound. Right now they sound like a watered-down Iced Earth. The songs have all the structure and feel of Iced Earth and the vocals sound like Matt Barlow minus the lower range that Barlow often used. All of that is forgivable because these guys are young and passionate. Go back and listen to Edguy in the beginning. They were raw, unfocused and sounded like Hellowannabes. Tobias Sammet’s vocals worshipped at the altar of Michael Kiske and the songwriting was weak. Despite all that, you could tell they loved doing what they were doing and the talent was undeniable. Over time they developed their own style and Sammet honed his songwriting skills to the point that Edguy are now one of the best power metal bands on the planet.

So Cresent stand at a crossroads right now. Like Edguy, the tools are there and their passion for the music is palpable. Only time, experience and hard work will tell whether they take it to the next level.

Genre References: Traditional Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Track Listing

1. Freedom Rings
2. Forgotten Future
3. Bloodlines
4. Last Gathering
5. Garden Of Memories
6. From Shadowed Places


Alex Bledsoe – rhythm guitar
Troy Shaw – lead guitar
Preston Smith – bass
Chris Talman – drums
Chris Parrish - vocals



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