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The Massive Crush
August 2004
Released: 2004, Sony Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aryn

Most people don’t think of South Korea as a hotbed of metal, and well, it may not be, this is the first band I’ve ever heard from there. After a little research it came out that Crash are the forefront of the Korean metal scene, which I’m guessing must be fairly small because I’ve never even heard of a Korean metal scene.

What these guys play they do it well in the form of semi-industrial thrash with some definite electronica influences. I think their sound works best when they let the electronic influences through in spades such as on tracks like “Psychedelic Storm” because what is left without it is fairly benign early-90’s Sepultura-sounding thrash. Also included, much to my surprise upon first listen is a wonderful cover of DRI’s “Acid Rain”. It’s always nice to see bands paying tribute to punk/thrash crossover bands even if they have no direct influence. There are several songs on the album in what I presume is Korean, which is interesting to say the least. The guitar work of Lim Sang Mook and Ha Jea Yong is seamless in a good way and the vocals of Ahn Heung Chan are a wonderful cross of Tom Araya and early Max Cavalera. My favorite track off the album is “Discipline” which is a straight forward thrash tune that could rival anything your favorite thrash group has done.

This is a band with a fairly accessible sound due to it’s vaguely metalcore structures and electronica influences so I would not be at all surprised to start hearing of these guys more and seeing them on MTV2’s Headbangers Ball in the future. And this is an album that was a pleasant surprise that while it may not get many spins in my CD player, defiantly has my appreciation and respect.
Track Listing

1. Whirlwind Struggle
2. (Korean Title)
3. Psychedelic Storm
4. Discipline
5. Moss (Dead Water Love)
6. (Korean Title)
7. Breath From Another
8. Acid Rain
9. Dignity
10. (Korean Title)
11. Vaporousness
12. (Korean Title)
13. Turn To Dust
14. (Korean Title)


Lim Sang Mook - Guitar
Ahn Heung Chan - Vocals, bass
Ha Jea Yong - Guitar
Jung Yong Wook - Drums

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