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February 2006
Released: 2005, Escapi Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: MetalChick

A collaboration started by Lars Johansson of Candlemass, Creozoth is on the scene with their self titled album. It’s definitely heavier and more powerful than Candlemass, and if I had listened without knowing who it was, I would have guessed Symphorce immediately. It might as well be Andy B. Franck singing, and the style of crunching riffs and pummeling beats are all over Creozoth.

I also hear hints of Metallica, mostly from their LOAD and RELOAD years, but it doesn’t spoil it too much. The song “Forsaken” is a great example of this. There’s even some bluesy songs like “Watch ‘n Wait” sandwiched between the Symphorce replicas. Yeah, did I mention they sound like Symphorce?

The thing about that stunning similarity is that there isn’t much that truly stands out as being really great. All the songs just flow together as one heavy jam, which, seriously, is not a bad thing. The only negative things worth mentioning are the songs “Bad Day” and “Mind,” the former having a chorus that is painfully repetitive and straining.

Fans of straight-ahead heavy metal (and, you guessed it, Symphorce) should look into Creozoth. It’s definitely a worthwhile listen.
Track Listing

1. With the Flow
2. Stares Back
3. Forsaken
4. Minute U Die
5. Intoxicatedead
6. For Your Amusement
7. Watch 'n Wait
8. State of Shock
9. Bad Day
10. Mind
11. You Don't Know
12. Dash
13. Spectorized


Michael Storck - vocals
Lars Johansson - guitars
Tobbe Moen - bass
Jan Lindh - drums


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May 2006
Released: 2005, Escapi Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This project is led by guitar player Lars and drummer Jan from the Swedish doom legends Candlemass. CreoZoth is a result of ideas and projects started during the times when Candlemass took their breaks. This line up has played together for 2 years this is their debut album.

CreoZoth’s sound lies pretty close to Candlemass but in this case it’s Lars that has written the material.

The weakest link in this constellation is the lead singer Michael, his voice is too bright to fit into the dark atmosphere the band brings. The album was put together in Soundland Studio in Upplands Väsby close to Stockholm Sweden. There nothing to complain about when it comes to the production besides again Michael’s voice and I can’t understand why Lars has put him so high up in the final mix.

Lars has included one song that’s only a shorter bass-solo amongst the 13 tracks on the album; it’s called “Spectorized”. The whole album clocks in at 60 minutes which feels too long. The other 12 tracks feel too pointy and barely hold the album together all the way and even though I played the album lots of times I still think the same.

The strongest songs are “With The Flow”, “Stares Back”, “Minute U Die”, and “State Of Shock” which all are heavy riffing guitar-based songs.

I guess that CreoZoth have to do much better than this if they’re going to gain a bigger fan base worldwide, but this can still be fun to hear for hardcore Candlemass fans.
Track Listing

With The Flow
Stares Back
Minute U Die
For Your Amusement
Watch N Wait
State Of Shock
Bad Day
You Don’t Know


Lars Johansson – guitar
Jan Lindh – drums
Michael Storch – lead vocals
Torbjörn Moen – bass

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