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Cradle of Filth
From The Cradle To Enslave
January 2000
Released: 1999, Music For Nations
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

And so, the newest slab of pain from COF is upon us. Repent, and rejoice my fellow slaves, for the blackened masters have returned! Actually, this is only an EP of new material, and isn't the full-length that many have been clamoring for. In fact, with the companion Pandemonium video out as the vehicle for "From the Cradle to Enslave", I was kinda wondering what the point of this album is. Anyhow, on to the music…

Opening with the aforementioned "FTCTE", Dani and his crew come swinging, violence meter full-on at 10. Yeah, it's a great song, all of the classic Cradle elements firmly in place: screamed vocals, Maiden-ised guitar melodies, thrashed-out drumming, and y'know, non-existent bass. And let us not forget the keyboards that are so important to the COF sound. Yup, it's all here kids, problem is, WE'VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE ON THEIR TWO PREVIOUS ALBUMS. Yeah, COF are great at what they do, but please guys, progression is not a dirty word. It seems that COF have hit their "stride" (i.e.: rut), and are unwilling/unable to move forward.

The same can be said of "Of Dark Blood and F$!king" which fits the standard COF mold like a glove. Surprises do appear though. "Death Comes Ripping" is a fairly riled up version of the Misfits classic, while COF valiantly attempts the impossible with a cover of Anathema's "Sleepless". Admittedly, COF does a pretty good job covering a song that is way out of their style (a sign of progression???), but they don't quite capture the moody brooding the Cavanaugh bros. managed with the original. Still, an impressive try. Don't even get me started on "Pervert's Church" which simply takes "FTCTE" and techno's it up for the dance floor crowd. Besides, I don't spin COF because I want to hear a Samael song. That's why I own Samael CD's! Plus, the song sucks so badly that I shouldn't even compare it to Samael. And the "new" version of "Funeral In Carpathia" is nothing to write home about either. Sure, it was one of my favorites off of "Dusk and Her Embrace", but it really doesn't need reprisal here.

All in all, COF have served up a dog here. Yeah, I'll listen to it, and yeah, it'll sell tons 'o pancakes, but that's only 'cause the COF name generally means some quality metal. Dig in if you want, but let's hope that the next full-length gives us some new surprises to bite into.

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