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Crimson Moonlight
Eternal Emperor
June 2000
Released: 1998, self released
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

Ah yes, another Swedish Christian metal band. Well first off, both the name of the band and CD could be better. They’re just too typical. But let’s focus on the music here. The disc opens with “Preludium”, an instrumental consisting of melodic guitars and piano. Not too shabby. Then “Where Darkness Cannot Reach” kicks in and the essence of Crimson Moonlight is revealed: Christian black metal. Wha? I kind of guessed it anyhow, judging from the packaging. But actually, these guys aren’t too bad. Pretty typical in terms of sound and style, but their musicianship is good. Keyboards are a large part of their sound, creating dark or mystical atmospheres meshing very well with the rest of the music. “Symphony of Moonlight” is a keyboard instrumental which is pretty impressive. In fact, all of the keyboards on this CD are surprisingly impressive. Without them, Crimson Moonlight would be just another band. Being the obeying Christians they are, their lyrics reflect praise of the Almighty. They are not too in-depth, nor are they interesting, but they are way above the level of Sons of Thunder, that’s for sure!

Although Crimson Moonlight fares well with this offering, they lack the originality and innovation necessary to warrant their addition to a veteran fan of Swedish death metal. But if you wish to visit their web site, here ya go:
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