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Cold Grief Relief
June 2010
Released: 2010, Violent Journey Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Coprolith was formed in 2001 almost right after a Finnish black metal act Furia disbanded. Coprolith´s musical path sucked influences both from a filthier and rawer side of black and death metal, and the band´s debut recording, a 4-track demo titled SUPREME HATE, was born in the darkest depths of insanity and hate in 2002.

Since then Coprolith have recorded a couple of demos and one EP more, done a mini-tour together with the grim Norwegian black metallers Pantheon I and Finnish icon smashers Enochian Crescent in September 2008 before getting signed to an independent Finnish underground label Violent Journey Records.

Coprolith take things back to the roots - partly sort of paying their own tribute to early Finnish gods of death metal, Abhorrence and Rippikoulu musically, while at the same time, adding slices of black metal into their poisonous, coal-black soup of twisted sounds. The band´s sound is heavy and crisp, nicely supporting Coprolith´s savage and brutal old-school-ish blend of black metal tinged death metal – and surely leaving a fair bunch of underground death metal fanatics satisfied for the reek of putrefaction this opus tends to leave around us.

The most ambitious work on the band´s debut album must undeniably be the title track “Cold Grief Relief”, lasting nearly 11 minutes. It´s a relatively brilliantly composed track, bringing both Finnish death masters Rippikoulu and Abhorrence back in mind, with occasional blastbeat attacks that fit in this song like a burning torch into a nun´s virginal ass. Also Coprolith´s version from Mayhem´s classic song, “Freezing Moon”, deserves a honorable mention. Well done guys.

COLD GRIEF RELIEF is a convincing recording from Coprolith all in all. Especially for the suckers of early (Finnish) death metal á la Abhorrence and Rippikoulu, this album is positively a rare finding.
Track Listing

01. Intro – All Life Gone
02. Losing It
03. Drowned
04. Dead Endless
05. Hate Rapture
06. Flammable Soul
07. Point Zero
08. Dream Within Dream
09. Cold Grief Relief
10. Freezing Moon (MAYHEM cover)


Ben Pakarinen - Vocals and guitar
Jouni Korhonen - Bass
Aleksi Tervo - Drums

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