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Cradle Of Filth
Peace Through Superior Firepower (DVD)
August 2015
Released: 2005, Roadrunner Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It seems odd to me. For a band that is so adept at mixing the lyrical, musical and visual it seems strange that Cradle Of Filth heaven't released more DVD’s. In an age where bands like Dream Theater, Rush and Iron Maiden release a DVD with every tour cycle, Cradle Of Filth have been somewhat complacent. Their brand of highly elaborate visual stage-show and extremely well produced videos beg to compiled onto DVD and yet they have only released three DVD’s in their entire 20+ year career. Their new (as of time of writing) CD, HAMMER OF THE WITCHES just came out (July, 2015) and it inspired me to go back revisit the bands third DVD, PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER. It has been a 10 years, and six albums since the band released this DVD so they are well overdue for a nice Double Live CD/DVD set.

At the time of release Cradle Of Filth were on Roadrunner and the budget must have been very decent for this product because it is top shelf. The single disc comes with an eight-page booklet with liner notes, credits and a long and flattering (and weird) essay by renowned UK journo, Dom Lawson. The cover of the booklet is different than the cover of the DVD itself. I think I like the green ‘Cthulhu’ version (the inside one) a bit better. The main part of the DVD is a 90- minute show in Paris on the NYMPHETAMINE tour. The sound is excellent and the show captures the theatrical nature of the band with guest vocalists, rope-climbers, acrobats, fire, flames, sparks, video backdrops and a giant robot/mobster dude! Oddly enough despite all this the theatrics do not totally overshadow the concert. The show is a multi-camera, multi-angle affair, nicely shot and well-edited, quick paced but not jarring.

The next section is an hour-long documentary that documents the recording and tour cycle of the last two albums. I use the term documentary quite loosely as really it is home video footage of the band fooling around for the vast majority of the time Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, it is funny and humorous but when Bam Magara of Jackass hosts it, you can surmise not really a serious piece.

The last section includes six videos that have been released since the last DVD. They have all the blood, guts and boobs who expect, demand and hope for in a Cradle Of Filth video. There are also a few bonus features, some footage from an in-store autograph session, and the usual bits and pieces such as a photo gallery with music etc.

PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER very much follows the same format as their last independent DVD, HEAVY LEFT-HANDED AND CANDID (from 2001) namely a concert, some videos and a silly/fun documentary.

When it comes to the presentation and image of the band, everything about this DVD is top-notch, the introduction, the credits, the menu; the attention to detail make this a superior product. Easy to navigate, great visuals, great music and superb production, this is a must for Cradle fans.
Track Listing

Live concert in Paris (90 minutes)

1. Gilded Cunt
2. Nemisis
3. Mannequin
4. The Black Goddess Rises
5. A Gothic Romance
6. Her Ghost in the Fog
7. Nymphetamine
8. Tortured Soul Asylum
9. The Forest Whispers My Name
10. The Promise of Fever
11. Thirteen Autumns and a Widow
12. Mother of Abominations
13. From the Cradle to Enslave

Documentary (60 minutes)

Videos (45 minutes)

Her Ghost in the Fog
No Time to Cry
Babalon A.D.
The Promise of Fever

Various extras.


Dani Filth Vocals
James McIlroy Guitars
Martin Foul Keyboards
Adrian Erlandsson Drums
Charles Hedger Bass
Paul Allender Guitars



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