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Crazy Lixx
Crazy Lixx
December 2014
Released: 2014, Frontiers Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

The Swedes in Crazy Lixx have been leading the charge of the ‘80s metal/ sleaze rock for nearly a decade now (their debut album dropped in 2007), but this is my first exposure to their music. The band’s released three previous albums to this point, but I guess they felt that now was the time to make a statement or reassert themselves with a self-titled album and let me just say, CRAZY LIXX is one HELL of a statement!

First note to last, all eleven tracks, CRAZY LIXX does one thing exceedingly well: ROCK. Our esteemed colleague Rick has said that no other modern band captures the sound and style of ‘80s hard rock quite like these guys and after playing the hell out of this album, I have to agree. From Danny Rexon’s perfect Sebastian Bach vocals, to the hard-hitting music that you can sing-along to churned out by the band, there is no better time to be had. There’s not a bad song in the bunch but the band kicks you upside the head immediately with the first four tracks, which are the best on the album and show you everything that Crazy Lixx is capable of. Listening to the songs, you can hear the band’s influences shining through (you know ‘em, I’m not going to list ‘em), but the enthusiasm and energy these guys put out is bloody infectious. Having said that, the only negative I can throw at them is the fact that they’re not doing anything new, but when the music is this good – who cares?

This album is pure hard rock heaven; randomly pick any song on the album and I guarantee you will be singing along and banging your head before it’s done. I’ve had a hell of a good time listening to this record, and I have no doubt I’ll be enjoying it for a long time to come. If, like me, you haven’t jumped on the Crazy Lixx bandwagon yet – now is the time.
Track Listing

1. Hell Raising Women
2. Sound of the Loud Minority
3. Outlaw
4. Girls of the 80s
5. I Missed the Mark
6. All Looks, No Hooks
7. Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll
8. Call To Action
9. Heroes Are Forever
10. Psycho City
11. Wrecking Ball Crew


Danny Rexon: Vocals
Andy Zata: Guitar
Edd Liam: Guitar
Jens Sjoholm: Bass
Joel Cirera: Drums



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