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Three Song Demo
August 2011
Released: 2011, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Formed from the ashes of Witches Brew recordings artists and U.S. cult thrashers Hammerwhore now comes Cruxiter (essentially all four members of the last known lineup of Hammerwhore, plus the addition of lead guitarist Miggy Ramirez) who offer up their debut three song demo, a raw self-recorded disc of classic sounding traditional and melodic heavy metal. A far cry from the unrelenting thrash assault of their former namesake.

"Paradise Found" opens the demo with progressive melodic twin leads and shifting tempo changes that at times recall early Rush. Vocalist Joe Gonzalez amazes me with his choice of phrasing and vocal overdubs. I first noticed his well crafted attention to detail in his days fronting Hammerwhore ever sounding like the charismatic thrash frontman, now adapting to an old school approach not often seen on U.S. shores circa 2011 (The Germans are REALLY going to eat this stuff up)

"Traveler" is a bit heavier than it's predecessor with some extremely hooky leads from Miggy Ramirez and Carlos Llanas drenched in Iron Maiden and Fates Warning worship. "From Her Eyes (Angel)" is no doubt a musical ode to 70's era Scorpions, more particularly a somber acoustic ballad with haunting Meine-isms sprinkled here and there accordingly (Remember the attention to detail I was driving home) EVEN the guitar leads seem chosen from Uli's playbook. Not an all out rip-off by any means though, as come chorus time power chords lay down the beef as the rhythm section of Andy Gonzalez and Rick Ortiz crash, bang and wallop their way into more metal oriented territory.

All in all, a very choice first offering from Cruxiter strongly recommended for fans of old school hard rock and heavy metal. I have no doubt this band will ink a deal within a year's time and budget withstanding, take these tracks into a proper studio fit for mass production furthering their cause along the way.
Track Listing

1. Paradise Found
2. Traveler
3. From Her Eyes (Angels)


Joe Gonzalez - Vocals
Miggy Ramirez - Lead Guitar
Carlos Llanas - Guitar
Andy Gonzalez - Bass
Rick Ortiz- Drums

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