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Cries Of The Captive
October 2014
Released: 2014, Imminence Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Okay deathcore, you can stop now. With ‘Imperialist,’ the genre has reached its peak and can go no further. So if you’re thinking of starting a raging hardcore meets death metal band with your mates, don’t bother. It doesn’t matter how big your ear gauges are, how many Martyr AD shirts you own or how much you down tune your guitars, you are never going to produce anything as “fuck yeah, deathcore baby!” as this.

What Cries Of The Captive have achieved here is metal so ludicrously over the top it verges on being a parody of itself. They don’t do anything especially new - there are no rap vocals or djent style chord progressions worked into the mix - but what they have done is take the sonic template of deathcore and dial it up to its very limit.

Case in point: the words “I am the chosen one” are the only discernible lyrics on here. That’s right, out of four songs you can make out five words. Mason Blair’s vocals are so guttural and brutal that any chance of deciphering the subjects without having them written down in front of you is an exercise in futility. He could be going on about dismembering prostitutes or riding tanks over puppies, or he could simply be reading aloud Gok Wan’s recipe for making Garlic Chicken, but you will have no idea!

So remorseless is this pummelling assault on the senses that even running at less than fifteen minutes in total, ‘Imperialist’ can be an exhausting listen. There is no respite, no light to put the darkness into perspective, it’s just pure sonic violence and so macho it makes Whitechapel’s last album sound like it was written by X-Factor alumni. Stretched out any longer and it would probably get a bit one dimensional and tedious, but as an EP it’s almost perfect.

Sure, it does sound a bit like what would happen if Despised Icon drank too much but that’s all part of the appeal. Like your deathcore dafter than an eighteen minute long Japanese power metal song with guest vocals by Christopher Lee? Well look no further. And while we’re at it, give Gok Wan’s Garlic Chicken a try, it’s so awesome it could be the food version of this EP.

Review by Tim Bolitho-Jones
Track Listing

1. The Muay Thai Body Obliterator
2. Condemned
3. Solipsism
4. Imperialist


Vocals - Mason Blair
Guitar (Lead) - Jordan Huemiller
Guitar (Rhythm) - Skyler Dustin
Drums - Kyler Loughlin
Bass - Nate Barnes

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