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Crucified Mortals
September 2004
Released: 2004, Stigmatized Records
Rating: 4.6/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Reviews are mainly meant or supposed at least to offer some info particularly about certain bands´ music, so I think I´m just ruthlessly skipping this so-called history lesson for Crucified Mortals now and am concentrating fully on judging their music instead. Anyone who may be curious to read the entire biography, etc. for Crucified Mortals, feel free to click the link below then that has been enclosed with this review, too.

As for this 4-piece band under a relatively cliché, but definitely a cool name in my opinion, Crucified Mortals, I honestly have to spit out as for starters the band is absolutely one of the best ´newcomers´ around these days on a vast field of Thrash Metal that I have got a pleasure to become aware of lately... simply quite fuckin´ honestly! For me personally, Crucified Mortals´ very old school sounding Thrash Metal is simply irresistible, bringing back many cool and heart-warming feelings and memories from the greatness of the 80´s flavored Thrash Metal scene when bands like Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, Sacrifice and the likes, pinpointed damn well what Thrash Metal really should be all about: Violent, aggressive, malicious, fast & furious, ripping, punishing, etc. etc. – YOU come up with all these specific terms! And these ambitious yet undoubtedly talented thrashers in the Crucified Mortals –camp seem to be determined enough to continue a tradition for a well-executed, very convincingly churned out 80´s sounding Thrash Metal on the band´s 6-song mini-CD (with an acoustic intro) CONVERTED BY DECAPITATION that musically pays incredibly much homage to the 80´s Thrash Godz from Sacrifice to Kreator and Slayer - and even probably to a bunch of other 80´s Thrash Metal acts as well. Also, as for some 90´s Thrash Metal bands are concerned –let´s just say as sort of a reference point, I think it´s quite fair to say that Ritual Carnage could be the nearest band for them music-wise even if no other than me doesn´t have to subscribe this. However, when you actually listen to the songs off CONVERTED BY DECAPITATION carefully, I believe your mind may - either unconsciously or consciously - start wandering toward some of those vintage 80´s times in the Metal scene when Thrash Metal as its own strong and stable sub-genre was THAT thing amongst the Metalheads of which they were talking about constantly. It could be said - even without exaggerating too much - that Crucified Mortals have struck at the very heart of this specific 80´s Thrash Metal -vibe and created some of these essentially immortal Thrash -ingredients a formula for their brilliantly and effortlessly moving Thrash Metal sound. Riff after riff after riff after riff they do their job determinedly to convince a listener about a sheer brilliance of their ability to be one of the most potential Thrash Metal –troops in this decade – with a truly pummeling old school Thrash Metal sound which they have dragged with them from 2 decades away.

Crucified Mortals is undoubtedly that name in the Thrash Metal scene right now you should keep tightly in your mind from now on if you overall feel an urgent need to increase quality of your own private Metal collection. Oh, and just one more thing: Remember who recommended them first to you... ;)
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. The Reaper's Blade
03. Masked Murder
04. Converted by Decapitation
05. Sentenced to Extermination
06. Soul Afire
07. Usurpation


Craig Horval – Guitar & vocals
Zach Rose – Guitar
Novy – Bass
Sebastian Dzialuk - Drums

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