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The Grand Machinery
December 2005
Released: 2005, Black Lodge Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Construcdead entered the Fear and Loathing Studio in Stockholm (studio is owned by Clawfinger and Meshuggah) to record their third album GRAND MACHINERY. Only a few days before it was time to kick off the recordings, both the singer (Johan) and the bass player (John) left the band for unknown reasons. A good friend of the band, Jens Broman (The Defaced, Hatelight) was recruited to take care of the mic and after a few days of rehearsing the band once again went into the studio. For further info regarding the member changes and albums please check out the review of the band’s EP in

The musical similarities with Soilwork and the influences of mallcore that before was obvious are gone and today the band plays pure Swedish thrash/death metal. The songs are run through with blistering guitar playing and angry/aggressive vocals. There are a few calmer parts in the songs but otherwise this is an inferno of fast thrash/death metal at its best and today I’d say that the band leans more into musical realms of The Haunted.

The guys have run through numerous members in quite a short amount of time, Jens is their third singer on their third album. They have also gone through a few bass players but the backbone of the band is still intact in the guitar players Richard and Christian as well as the drummer Eric (he is now a member of Face Down as well). The same goes for labels, they have run through a couple of labels but are now signed with Black Lodge in Stockholm.

Jocke Skog from Clawfinger produced THE GRAND MACHINERY and just as on the EP he’s done a great job. He has managed to take out the absolute best from the guys and everyone has their own space in the mix. Some of the members from Clawfinger (a legendary Swedish rap-metal act) make guest appearances on this CD as well but I only have a promo copy of it so I do not know who, you have to buy the CD to find that out.

The band runs through 12 furious tracks and that includes both an intro and one instrumental song “Forever Cin”. The material feels a bit uneven and some of the songs feels actually pretty week. That doesn’t mean that they are awful, it just feels like the guys could have worked on those a bit harder. The first part of the album feels much stronger compared to the second half but I would guess that if by their next album they are totally focused, they can be one of the greater bands in this genre in Sweden. They sure have the potential. Not only did Jens have a few days to rehearse, but before he entered the studio he also was told to write lyrics to 10 songs which he amazingly did.

I really do you should check this out because Construcdead are one of thrash/death metal’s big hopes in Sweden at the moment. It’s nice to see that the thrash/death scene isn’t only flourishing in Gothenburg but also in Stockholm.

Killer tracks “A Cog In The Machinery”, “The Lustful”, “In A Moment Of Sobriety”, “8 Inches Of Flesh”.

Labels: AND
Track Listing

Grand Machinery
A Cog In The Machinery
The Lustful
In A Moment Of Sobriety
8 Inches Of Flesh
The Cynical Revolution
The Eye Of Revelation
Pater Noster
Forever Armour


Christian Ericson – guitar
Rickard Dahlberg – guitar
Eric Thyselius – drums
Jens Broman – lead vocals

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