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Conspiracy AD
Humanity=Destruction…The End Is Near
July 2004
Released: n/a, Crash Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

C’mon, how many bands have had the name Conspiracy (or with the word Conspiracy) before? At least 10! Is that the best name these young Italians could come up with? Adding the A.D. suffix doesn’t help matters either, too many bands have done that as well, at least another ten. This is a competitive environment and a weak band name doesn’t help.

Conspiracy have a bit of an identity problem. I’m hearing everything in hear but none of it cohesive…a thrash intro leads into a blackened thrash song with low death metal vocals. Soon we have slower breakdowns and spoken word stuff, more thrash…over to blast-beats…black metal screams; it’s all too much too soon. Creative? Certainly but the band takes no time to develop the song trying to cram too many styles into one. I applaud the attempt to stay fresh, original and mixing influences but it is really hard to do.

I’m not quite sure why Crash Music picked these guys up. It might be one of those scenarios where the label says, “OK guys, we will give you a shot, here is a little bit of money.” The packaging is a bit budget style, the cover is very cool but too dark, the song titles and lyrics are not even in the slightest bit original or innovative further hampered by the language barrier. There are songs about killing, vampires, saving the environment and politics. Well, which is it? Do you hate everything or want to be sensitive and political? Even the album title is kind of dumb, and the logo needs work. There is a lot of work to be done here.

Some songs do crush, there is no doubt, the aggression level is high, and songs like ‘The Endless Darkness’ steamroll along and have focus and direction. But other songs they are almost progressive with time changes, odd arrangements and just when you get going it all changes. A good start, good production good ideas but they need refinement. A good producer would reign them in and give direct and focus to the talent that is there waiting to be developed into something cool. That aggression could be channeled into something really deadly. Let’s hope this average band makes it.
Track Listing

1. Prelude To The Apocalypse
2. Bloody Revenge
3. Killers of Justice
4. Enslavement
5. The Endless Darkness
6. Tales From A Dark Soul
7. Death And Blood
8. The Sadness of Mankind
9. Warfare I
10. Warfare II
Distorted Visions Of A Dying World


David Sacco-Vocals
Fransesco Steri-bass
Andrea Allodoli-drums



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