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May 2003
Released: 2003, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m stunned that (to the best of my knowledge) no one has picked this band name before! What a cool name: elegant, simplicity. Conspiracy are an indie four-piece form the U.S. and this is their debut recording.

Although the web-site refers to this 4 tracker as a demo, the quality is too high in my mind for mere demo status. The packaging comes with a full colour cover with a cool design, (a skull what else?) and the disc is actually manufactured not a CD-R. But in today’s competitive DIY environment these ‘demo’s have to look and sound kick ass and totally professional to even get noticed. I would have put the song titles on the back spine myself.

The band present four songs all about four minutes long and the first three are rousing rockers with the fourth cut, ‘shine’ being a an acoustic driven ballad with some neat ambient vocal effects for atmosphere. The first three are good songs but could use some dynamics to distinguish them apart. I wouldn’t have ended the demo with the slow song either but hey, those are minor points.

The quality of the musician ship is as good as any new band, maybe even a bit better, crunchy riffs, punchy drums and a decent homemade production job. The guitarist, Michael Dargis was the bassist in Imagika for the first several years and two albums so his experiences I’m sure helps the band.

Overall, I’d like to see the band cut loose a notch. They sound compact, tight and almost restrained. Steele has a cool voice why not bust out some ball-grabbin’ blood -curdling screams? Dargis plays the guitar like a bass he never really lets his fingers fly across that neck like he could. I say get s these boys signed, in a studio, hire a hot-shot producer to bring out the hidden potential in the band and we will have a winner, instead of a strong contender. I’d grab this disc before they become known and this puppy goes on E-bay for big bucks!
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