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June 2009
Released: 2009, Pulverised Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Alex ´Carpathian Wolf (aka Al’ Hazred)´, this Ukrainian guy who lives in The Netherlands nowadays, and is probably more known for his involvement as an ex-drummer of Melechesh, has finally got enough songs together for his 2nd full-length album, titled CONCORDAT. As for his debut album (REINCARNATED, released on Pulverised Records in 2006) goes, I honestly admit I do not remember much out of it (probably wasn´t that impressed by it in the first place at all? Cannot remember any longer, sorry).

CONCORDAT, brings in 8 songs from Mr. Alex ´Carpathian Wolf´, showing his love and dedication to melodic, partly even folk-ish thrash/black/heavy metal that remind me of many of those melodic Swedish black/death metal bands that released their albums through the defunct Black Sun Records during the 90s. Given that he has recorded all instruments for this ´band´ or project by himself, it must be confessed he have managed to make Conspiracy sound like a full-fledged band. Everything from the guitars to the (programmed?) drums sounds carefully done and thought out, so it´s actually very easy to enjoy his achievements on CONCORDAT, your fingers finding their way to the ´repeat´ button most often.

Even if most of the songs on CONCORDAT bring out quite a whirlwind of blackened thrash/heavy metal, Alex has been wise enough to bless this release with some diversity of the songs by recording songs like “Faith”, which is a beautiful, almost ballad type of song, in which he has obviously tried to reach something similar musically what Quorthon (that genius behind Bathory) did on the NORDLAND I and II albums (did I also notice some sort of Nick Cave-ish vibe in his vocal performance in this very tune? I guess I just did in a manner of speaking...). Then he has also recorded a nicely flowing, yet very harmonious instrumental tune for CONCORDAT (the last song on the album, titled "Last Veteran"), which leaves a great aftertaste in one´s ears as strong proof that Alex´s a great song writer. And all this leaves us with one question to be pondered: Why form a full band if you are are skilled enough to do it all alone? Conspiracy´s CONCORDAT is a great piece of proof for all that, so please by all means check it out.
Track Listing

01. Mentally III God
02. Die in Style
03. Conquerdate (Concordat)
04. Terrorized into Submission
05. Faith
06. Limited to 666
07. Courage
08. Last Veteran


Alex "Carpathian Wolf" (aka Al' Hazred) - All instruments

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