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Consortium Project 3
Terra Incognita (the undiscovered world)
November 2003
Released: 2003, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Ian Parry is the master-mind behind this project called Consortium Project. They have released two albums so far: the debut CONSORTIUM PROJECT (1999) and the follow up CONTINUM IN EXTREMIS (2000). Now it’s time to follow up the last album. Parry has some help from some very well known hardrock musicians on this album, such as Casey (Kamelot), Jan (Vengeance), Stephan (Vanden plas) and Joshua (Elegy). Guest musicians are Mike Chlasciak (ex-Halford/Pain Museum) and Sascha Paeth (Heavens Gate). I haven’t heard anything with this project before so this is my first experience of them.

Consortium Project 3 has some minor similarities with Tobias Sammets metal opera Avantasia in terms of the fact that this is a theme record and the music sometimes is power/heavy metal as on Avantasia. But in my opinion I think this is more like Jonas Reingolds (The Flower Kings) solo project Karmakanic because of the symphonic/progressive played music with a lot of solo and instrumental parts. And as with Karmakanic this is a theme album.

Ian Parry has written all of the music and lyrics. The theme of this album is a mystical journey 375 years into the future in search of the Terra Incognita (the undiscovered world) to re-unite mankind and enhancing the concept of the world being saved by women. It’s a bit hard for me to say anything about the lyrics or do a closer analyze of the theme because I only have a promo-ex of this 11 track album.

On the disc there are mixes of different music styles. There are heavy epic power metal songs such as “THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS”, “SPIRIT OF KINDNESS” and “NEMESIS”. The symphonic progressive and technically played rock is here represented by songs like “The Ark of the Covenant and “Lost Empire”. Some ballads and up-tempo ballads are “White Sands (California Lighthouse)”, “Across The Seven Seas” and “Beyond the Gateway of Legends”.

Mr. Parry has an incredible voice and an amazing vocal range. Casey, Stephan and Joshua know really well what they are doing as they are experienced musicians that back up Mr. Perry. There is also a woman that has an amazing voice in the middle and at the end of the album who sings toward Perry but I don’t know whom she is or if it’s several women who sing the female parts.

Mr. Parry has delivered a really strong album with his project. A lot off the album circles around himself and has a lot of keyboard and guitar high up in the mix. If you like theme albums you should give this a chance or if you like power metal influenced by symphonic and progressive rock this is strongly recommended.

More info about the band.
Track Listing

The council of the elders
Spirit of kindness
The ark (of the covenant)
Lost empire
Reductio ad absurdum
White sands (California lighthouse)
Great exploration
Across the sevens seas
Beyond the gateway of legends
Terra incognita (the undiscovered world)


Ian Parry - lead, harmony, choir and backing vocals
Robert Finan - bass
Jan Bijlsma - bass
Joshua Dutrieux - piano, organ and keyboard
Stephan Lill - guitar
Casey Grillo - drums

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