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Gut the Priest
August 2012
Released: 2011, N/A
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Consecration were founded in 2010 by Guitarist Chilli, Bassist Shane and Vocalist Daniel to combat the lack of Death/Doom bands in the East Anglian area. The line-up was completed by Drummer Tudders and Guitarist Jordan and they released a self produced demo soon after and received positive reviews and feedback.

So after stepping into the studio to record their debut CD, we have the record Gut The Priest. It’s a fairly solid debut record, there are some great moments on here and they have kept it self produced. It’s thirty-two minutes long and is quite a solid on the whole. The haunting melody of intro The Vine supersedes the track Consecration, quietly arppegiating into a crunch doom riff. The vocals, provided by Daniel Bollans, are low and purr ominously over the riff. This is one of my favourites. As after the opening doom and the thrashier stanza, it glides into a clean section of arpeggios and deep guitars. Before returning to the ominous doom. I must admit the production and the playing isn’t perfect on this record and it could benefit from a better mix, but the core of what Consecration want to do is here and thats what makes it a solid debut. I think for me, long drawn out tracks like The Ever Dying, with its dark sway and hypnotic rhythm and Cast Down for the Burning stabs and permeates the darkness that is created by the still and calm of Shame Amies bass lines, tapered with Liam and Jordans guitars. The drums from Tudders are rock steady, especially on this tracks. This album really does come more to life in the second half, not nessecessarily a bad thing, but I feel that it makes more sense when you get to that point of the record, everything begins to click and make sense. 
With the sweetness of the parting gift that is The Vine (Reprise) the album ends.

As I said before, the album maybe could do with some tidying up, but the material is there definitely. They have a good representation of Doom and carry themselves well in sometimes a muddy market of has beens and half arse, bad quality bands. Check out this record.

Review by: Danny Draper
Track Listing

1 - The Vine
2 - Consecration
3 - Gut The Priest
4 - The Ever Dying
5 - Cast Down For The Burning
6 - The Vine (Reprise)


Daniel Bollans - Vocals
Shane Amies - Bass
Liam - Guitars
Jordan Grant - Guitars
Tudders - Drums

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