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Through the Ages
August 2014
Released: 2014, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

THROUGH THE AGES represents my first time in contact with the Netherlands’ Conorach. Formed in 2000, Conorach is a folk-inflected power metal group with one previous album to their credit (2008’s TALES FROM THE TAVERN). Although the band apparently works slowly, I have to say, the results show that the time taken to forge this second album was well-spent, as THROUGH THE AGES is an excellent release.

Now that I’ve gone backwards and summed up the album, let me describe it more fully. While certainly power metal, Conorach’s sound is more akin to the Teutonic style than anything you’d associate with frilly shirts and high-pitched vocals. Indeed, while Conorach don’t particularly sound like them, the closest approximation I can think of would be Falconer. This goes for both the music and the lyrics, as few bands delve into the Middle Ages like this. Yes, there are tales of swords and battles, but there are also tales of the common folk as well – a refreshing change. Truly though, the lyrics are brought to life by the band’s music, which is a gritty power metal fully, and sometimes subtly, infused with folk melodies and patterns. On top of it all is vocalist Jacco de Wijs, whose voice is mid-ranged and rough.

I fully admit that at first, I didn’t grasp the nuance of Conorach’s music, and actually felt that it was somewhat pedestrian. More fool me though, as subsequent listens proved my early conclusions wrong. As I said above, THROUGH THE AGES is a truly excellent album and easily recommended to any power metal fan. I truly hope they don’t’ take another six years before releasing their next album!
Track Listing

1. The Finest Hour
2. The Journey
3. To Rule Them All
4. Messenger of Kings
5. Laissez Fair
6. A Wanderer’s Lament
7. Of Spices and Gold
8. Vengeance Descends
9. Migrator
10. Thoughts of the Waves


Jacco de Wijs.: Vocals
Jurgen de Vries: Guitar
Jaco Ket: Guitar
Daniel van Wijgerden: Bass
Ivo van der Stoel: Drums



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