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Company Of Snakes
Burst The Bubble
March 2002
Released: 2002, SPV
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

A lot of history here! Long story short, some dudes from Whitesnake in the 70’s and early 80’s got back together, called themselves The Snakes and have burned out three CD’s in the last few years. A name change and a couple of line-up changes and we have CD number four, BURST THE BUBBLE.

First thing, this band will appeal to fans of Whitesnake because although Coverdale owns the name, these guys wrote and played a lot, if not most of the music on the original classic albums. The cover of BTB is virtually identical to Whitesnakes, LOVEHUNTER. That’s OK!! A naked chick riding a snake is cool at anytime. The art is very well done, in fact she could ride my viper anytime! Seriously…ya gotta love a little politically incorrect T&A in your classic rock ‘n’ roll!

Hotshot vocalist Jorn Lande has moved on and Stefan Berggren fills the slot admirably. The rest of the band is a 3M of who’s who of rock, Moody, Marsden and Murray. The minute CD has 15 new, original tracks, unlike the past few CD’s that relied on re-hashing the (first set of) glory years of (pre-Coverdale solo) Whitesnake. The production is modern and beautiful courtesy of some high tech, euro-dudes with reputations namely Herman Frank and Nikolo Kotzev.

Musically the songs are great rock ‘n’ roll, not metal by any stretch of the imagination. The influences are blues and jazz to an extent no the neo-classical stylings of so many metal bands. Like I said, classic Whitesnake, good fun rock ’n’ roll. In fact in hindsight this CD might be a little mellow for the good readers of but we generally appreciate our roots and give them credit when due.

Overall the songs are bluesy, melodic hard rock, with competent soloing, and catchy fun, albeit simplistic, choruses. No shredding, no pounding double bass attacks and little in the way of flashy showmanship but rather a loose jam feel of band that has worked together for so long that they are in reality a tight unit! My favorite cut has to be Ride, Ride, Ride! Lyrically some critics would say these guys are scraping the bottom of the barrel with tunes like, “Labour of Love”, “Hurricane Love” and “What Love Can Do”, but anything else except good-time tunes wouldn’t fit. Could Company of Snakes do a hour long, concept CD about say, for example, urban street crime and drug abuse and pull it off? Never in a million years. Until that happens sit back and enjoy the songs about bad girls and rock ’n’ roll.
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