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World´s Destructive Domination
October 2006
Released: 2006, Bad Land Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Commander... what a cool name for a metal band. There are at least 3 other existing metal bands around these days by the same name, and this particular 4-piece Commander comes from Germany, and is the only Commander I have ever given a listen. Probably my ears are only meant to follow so-called ´quality metal acts´ - and undoubtedly this German Commander belongs easily to that category of bands that are able to make an indelible impact on their listeners by the first strike already. At least I was heavily, yet extremely positive way even hit by the band´s debut album, WORLD´S DESTRUCTIVE DOMINATION.

On W´s.D.D., Commander actually doesn´t bring any new bags of tricks or spices into the already invented game of both well-done Thrash – and Death Metal, but is smart and capable enough to use cleverly some of the most delicious ingredients out of both genres – and that pleases me enough. Commander deathrashes the old school style through the all 13 tracks on their fine debut album – combining together killer riffs with catchy rhythm changes successfully in a shameless yet very determined way, and that´s all they need to do really. To give you a slightly better idea how these furiously raging Germans actually do sound like, you can always try to figure out a jukebox filled up with the CDs of Testament, Malevolent Creation, Benediction, At The Gates, Demigod – and let´s pick one more name, Bolt Thrower - and play their releases randomly in whatever order you want to. Then you go and find another jukebox next to this first jubebox which has been stuffed with 947 copies of Commander´s WORLD´S DESTRUCTIVE DOMINATION CDs, and at that point you don´t wanna go back to that first jukebox any more. “Drowned in Sorrow” and “Chapter I” could also easily be Bolt Thrower songs as much “Salvation for a Dead World” might be a Testament song, so go drawing your own conclusions out of this release. Please, just do so...

If you have any love for the killer old school deathrashing sounds, WORLD´S DESTRUCTIVE DOMINATION has a plenty of that to offer for you. What a kick-ass release! ´nuff said, I think...
Track Listing

01. Modern Slavery
02. M.D.D.
03. Disharmony
04. Cowards
05. The Attic
06. Drowned in Sorrow
07. Save One's Own Hide
08. World's Destructive Domination (Part1)
09. World's Destructive Domination (Part2)
10. Salvation for a Dead World
11. Chapter I.
12. Chapter II.
13. Chapter III.


Nick Kolar - Vox & guitar
Willy Kraut - Drums
Steffen Augstein - Lead guitar
Birgit Öllbrunner - Bass

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