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Satanic Surgery
April 2016
Released: 2016, Hammerheart Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Loud, fast and abrasive, Holland's Collision have been doling out the crossover thrash goods for 15-some years. The band's new fourth album shows that not a whole lot has changed for the band over that time – including the line-up, with just a switch in the bassist position. They may play better, and know a few things now about production value that they didn't back in the day, but their music is a furious and aggressive as ever.

Satanic Surgery is 26 minutes of aural assault and battery that takes equal parts thrash metal and grindcore and stirs in a bit of hardcore in its snub-nosed delivery for good measure. Driven by the manic shouting match cadence of their vocal tag-team Wouter and Björn, Collision blast and hammer like there's no tomorrow, delivering 13 tracks in vicious two-minute bursts.

Any let up doesn't last long - like the 4 seconds of plod that opens the title track only to then about-face into a dead sprint. “Diabolic Death Wish” is really the only track here that even approaches mid-tempo for more than a few bars, yet it too roils with drummer Job's double-bass/blast beat athletics.

But that's not to say there isn't any meat on the bone here. As fast as he operates, guitarist Luc nevertheless doles out catchy riffs and wicked hooks in abundance. And there are plenty of moshable moments on Satanic Surgery, notably “Blood Soaked Graveyard,” “Antichrist Gulag” and “Piece of Shit From The Tar Pit” with its delightfully profane sing-along chorus.

Fans of D.R.I., Stormtroopers Of Death, Wehrmacht, Municipal Waste or Toxic Holocaust should find Collision's stew of velocity, vehemence and savage wit right up their alley. It might not be fancy, but it gets the job done.
Track Listing

1. Cripple the Cross
2. Touch Me, Jesus
3. Filthy Feeder
4. Piece of Shit From the Tar Pit
5. Necromantic Love Affair
6. All You Need Is Hate
7. A Healthy Dose of Radiation
8. Satanic Surgery
9. Antichrist Gulag
10. Diabolic Death Wish
11. Operation: Meatcleaver
12. Blood Soaked Graveyard
13. Aggressive Assassination


Wouter - vocals
Björn - vocals
Luc - guitars
Boris - bass
Job - drums

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