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Cold Cell
Generation Abomination
October 2013
Released: 2013, Gravity Entertainment
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

This is the 2013 release from Extreme Swiss Metal troopers Cold Cell, delivering an album full of heavy, agonising and entertaining songs. There's a certain dark edge to the album that allows to be as somber as it is interesting; listening to Generation Abomination feels as if you're slipping into the world of vocalist S's mind. Lyrics describe brutally tortuous and hateful emotions that provoke and intimidate.

There is a good balance to the album in terms of the palette of sounds used. Rather than sticking to one set aesthetic, Cold Cell incorporate Death, Black, and Melodic metal to create a rich blend of sounds. The title track is one such example as to how the song is capable of switching stylistically to create a new experience through the album. The album, although quite varied, is capable of retaining it's cohesion from start to finish. With Cold Cell being such a young band, it truly is a testament to the bands talent that they are able to pull off such a feat. The technical greatness is not shout it's emotional value however, with Generation Abomination creating an ominous atmosphere that's prevalent from start to finish. There really isn't much more to say about this album other than how impressed by it I am, in both songwriting and and production. Cold Cell have exceeded in creating a razor-sharp experience that will no doubt be renowned as an astounding debut for the band.

Fast hooks, punchy musicianship and mesmerizing themes aid this album in becoming such a profound piece if art. Although it is slightly hindered by a certain level of repetitiveness, Generation Abomination should be looked as a highlight in today's Extreme Metal scene.

Review by Eoin Harnett
Track Listing

1. EndZeitGeist
2. Next Stop: Disillusion Centre
3. Generation Abomination
4. Shitfaced Existence
5. Endless Narcotic Fields
6. Desert Of Thoughts
7. The Perception Of One In All
8. Stereotypes Of A Sick Spawn
9. Depressing / Depressive New World
10. Neon Fade-Out


S - vocals
Ath - guitar
He - guitar
In - bass, samples & backing vocals
aW - drums

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