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Coils of the Serpent
Winter Descends
October 2010
Released: 2010, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

King Luke has decided to not rest on his laurels, but continues his one-man crusade in Coils of the Serpent in order to conquer the lands from one continent to another.

His brand-new 3rd, 7-track creation - baptized with the title WINTER DESCENDS, is basically armed with the same weapons and stratagem that he has already used for 2 of his previous releases as well: Combining elements from Heavy-, Black-, Death-, Thrash- and Dark Metal – and spicing the songs up with different layers of atmospheres and some nearly psychedelic elements, makes it all worth for him to continue his ominous sounding musical crusade, his head bravely raised high in the air.

WINTER DESCENDS, in its entirety (without going much into specific details of the songs, song by song), appeals to me pretty much due to differing from almost everything that is popular in today´s world of metal – well, genre-wise anyway. Luke (or King Luke if he prefers using that name from him?) obviously wants to break boundaries between different metal genres – and add spontaneously some of his own spices into this, musically diversified and challenging soup. Most of the time he´s able to make his songs to sound really disturbed (I mean, really fuckin´ disturbed), and I guess the biggest reason for that is his vocals that seem to come straight from Sam Raimi´s first movie of “The Evil Dead” trilogy. His vocals, added into a musical concept in which some wicked and eerie parts clash together pretty nicely with beautiful melodic sections (provided by an acoustic guitar and keyboards mostly), manage to create quite a well-done contrast on this opus all in all. I just wished that he would have used a real drummer in this recording instead, as the drum machine always tends to put sort of a robotic vibe into his songs – of which I have never cared for in the first place anyway. Also, the production needs some improvement, especially for the guitars´ sound as it´s been left too much on the background while the other instruments seem to overrun the guitars´ existence on this recording quite a bit.

Let´s hope King would get an opportunity to record a real studio album – with a real drummer, a talented producer (with an ear for this type of stuff) and a proper recording budget in his pockets, some day. It would be interesting to see what he might accomplish recording-wise if given time and a real possibility to impress a hell of a lot more people than just me only. Well, that will remain to be seen what the future will bring along with him… hopefully none the less than a decent budget studio album though.
Track Listing

01. Defeat
02. Here Lies: All Your Hopes and Dreams
03. As Winter Descends upon a Wilting Heart
04. War Pain Death
05. Grorthstag
06. Rest in Peace, O Angel of Light
07. Victory


KL - Vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keys

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