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Drawn & Quartered
March 2002
Released: 1996, Warhead
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Hidden Gen Review

This month I took time to visit a couple of Australian death metal bands. Cohort and Psycroptic. The Underground Thunder from Down Under as it were.

Warhead is (was?) this cool independent Australian death metal label. They signed quite a few bands from down under over the years, kind of like Wild Rags did in the US. They are (were?) a pure death label supporting true underground death metal with little chance of commercial recognition and success. I have many Warhead bands in my collection and Cohort is one of them!

First things first, the cover is bizarre; a flaming, naked man (like the Human Torch character from Marvel comics) walking along the edge of town. That has nothing to do with being Drawn & Quartered, but it is well done and eye-catching. Overall it has good packaging. The lyrics are a little weak and have covered ground that has been done many times before. How many songs are there about being Buried Alive and Cannibalism by death metal bands? The band looks very young in the photo so it is forgiven, besides this ain’t poetry or Shakespeare, it’s death metal!! It’s called death metal for a reason. Lyrics like those on “Homophobic” and “Jump Before you’re Pushed” are sure to offend just about everybody, but I’m sure the band couldn’t care less.

Musically, the band thrash along at good mid-tempo, classic death metal pace. Nothing frighteningly new or original but they do it well. The influences are really a mix and hard to pin-point sounding like everybody and nobody at the same time. The production is a little thin and I can see why, it was recorded at their high school according to the liner notes! I can see it now, “OK class, books on your desk, we are going to see Cohort play in the cafeteria at lunch hour!” That’s a good thing that the youthful energy makes up for lack of originality.

The vocalist sounds like he straining to hit the low roar, I’m sure his natural range is much higher, but he really tries to belt in out. The rest of the band is solid and competent, playing straight ahead death metal. If you are a collector like me you may want to seek this one out, it’s not A+ material but it is worth it.
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