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Arizona`s Heaviest Local Bands
July 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Not too often that I get to review compilation discs around here. Good thing too, ‘cause as a rule, I’m not too fond of the things. The one in question, COFFINZ.COM serves as a taster CD for “Arizona’s heaviest local bands”. Well, there must be something in the water down there in Alice Cooper’s hometown ‘cause some of these bands pretty cool!

1) Mr. Dead – The Undertaker: This song is the most “hard rock” of the CD with a fairly catchy chorus line. The riffs are heavy and the vocals are suitably rough. A good choice to start the disc.


2) Infusion – Ethnic Cleansing: Infusion is quite a bit heavier than Mr. Dead, which sets them apart immediately. The band plays a deathy style of metal but is still pretty catchy. Special note goes to the bass player who combines heaviness with a little bit ‘o jazz to spice up the proceedings.


3) MoNasty – Bust a Vibe: Judging from the song title, you’d probably guess that this is yet another entry into the mallcore crap parade. You’d be right. Next.


4) The Autumn Theory – Seasons of Mind: Ah, I figured there’d be some blackened death metal in here somewhere. It is the trend these days don’t’cha know? Anyway, Autumn Theory toss their hat into this overfull ring do a good job of holding their own. More death metal than black metal, “Seasons of Mind” is an adequate punisher.


5) Fevered Dreams – Traitor: Fevered Dreams picks up the pace after the slow rumble of Autumn Theory, with a fast paced cracker of a song. Somewhere in the gruff side of power metal, but not afraid to dirty up the proceedings with some death vox, “Traitor” is one of the highlights of this disc. Fevered Dreams has a promising future, all they need now is full-length.


6) Gat-Rot – It Hurts to Smile: Tough job for Gat-Rot to follow up Fevered Dreams and the band is not up to the task. Coming off like a less talented, amphetamined Pantera, Gat-Rot’s attempted intensity just doesn’t take.


7) Hardwire – Manufactured Dreams: On the completely out of place side of things we get Hardwire. More industrial than metal, “Manufactured Dreams” is an interesting detour from the metal road that, while kinda cool, gets a little boring after awhile. Some spice needed here.


8) Detox – Hades: Whisper to roar muscle metal that really doesn’t do anything for me. Steroid-heads who need to validate their self-worth might dig this, but I’d rather listen to BURN MY EYES.

Contact: http://www.coffinz.con/detox

9) Cast of Shadows – Seeking Seven: This song rules! Melodic metal that thankfully stays away from the European school for a more fuzz-ridden sound. This is a great tune that ties with Fevered Dreams for best of the disc.


10) Sloth Frenzy – Unblessed(The Goat): Love that name! As for the song itself, it’s an extremely wacky stop/start song that wouldn’t sound too out of place on old Soilent Green discs. Pretty cool but I’m not sure that I get it.

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