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Craving to Eternal Slumber
July 2015
Released: 2015, Hammerheart America
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Coffins continue to be one of the most prolific and active bands in the underground scene today. The Japanese death/doom quartet has released enough splits, singles and EPs in the last 3 years to put other more notable (and better funded) bands to shame. Anyone who’s had the privilege to see these guys perform live knows just how organically heavy they are, and that they’re one of few bands who can translate that heaviness into their recorded work. The latest example of which is CRAVING TO ETERNAL SLUMBER, a new six track EP that continues to demonstrate why Coffins remain such an unf@#kwithable band.

Sonically in step with THE FLESHLAND, CRAVING TO ETERNAL SLUMBER offers five new tunes and one pulled from the vault and given a fresh coat of paint. The guitar tone that opens with “Hatred Storm” is otherworldly, it’s just so turgid and dank that it makes an otherwise rudimentary riff sound like it’s straight from the bowels of hell. That’s a theme that carries across the entirety of the EP, this whole thing sounds UGLY, and it’s great. The title track crawls at the speed of death, slowly building to an escalation point amidst rising screams, while “Stairway to Torment” is a more straightforward, old school grinder. “Decapitated Crawl” first made an appearance on the ANCIENT TORTURE compilation, and while structurally the same song, its added weight and production gloss makes it an entirely different animal here.

Start to finish, CRAVING TO ETERNAL SLUMBER gives you 30 minutes of the best of what makes Coffins so inexplicably Coffins. Unapologetically primitive and unforgivingly heavy, consider this to be just one more reason that you should get to know this band. CRAVING TO ETERNAL SLUMBER doesn’t release until August, but that’s plenty of time for you to spend some time with their back catalog until then.
Track Listing

1. Hatred Storm
2. Tyrant
3. Craving to Eternal Slumber
4. Stairway to Torment
5. An Obscure Pain
6. Decapitated Crawl


Uchino - Guitars
Koreeda - Bass, Vocals
Satoshi - Drums
Jun Tokita – Vocals

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