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Coffin Birth
3-song demo
October 2006
Released: 2006, Unexpected Death Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

This trio comes from Quispamsis, Canada, and plays some sort of mixture of Thrash – and pure, traditional Heavy Metal. As far as I know, this 3-song demo is the band´s first release, and it´s all around a pretty promising effort from them. Coffin Birth isn´t here to re-invent the steel – that´s for sure, but all that steel they have already gathered for themselves for this release, is sharp enough to make you bleed for more.

Basically all the soloing, riffs, rhythm and tempo changes, etc., have been done with a careful ear by paying attention to what´s really essential to make the song structures work in these 3 songs on the demo. Undoubtedly the most distinctive element is Stevil´s vocals that sound raspy and kind of evil – more like vocals they tend to use in Black Metal mostly. I like how he sounds though, adding a bit more the needed contrast to the overall well-crafted wholeness. Also, Nathan, who has played all the keyboard parts on this pretty darn promising sounding demo - amongst other things, adds its own special flavor into the songs and makes things a bit more worthwhile and valuable for them.

My personal favorite song out of the three songs on offer on the demo, “Disturbing the Earth”, sounds somehow familiar; thanks to a couple of guitar parts they have ´borrowed´ from some other band (-s). But that´s really ok as many times the best metal music has been built up from circulated ingredients anyway. The song itself is as metal as it gets.

Looking for straight, thrashing and honest metal? If so, then this Canadian metal outfit Coffin Birth has some of that in their pockets for you.
Track Listing

01. Disturbing the Earth
02. Fathered by Fiends
03. Cemetary Nights


Stevil - Vocals, graveyard philosophy
Nathan - Guitar, bass, keyboards & drums
Jamie - Guitar & bass

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