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March 2005
Released: 2004, Morbid Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

Here’s an interesting experiment for you: repackage this and put it on a hardcore label like Trustkill or Lifeforce. Sell this to the Metalcore kids—but don’t tell them what it really is—because you know what? They’d buy it, and they’d like it. Hell, the Bloodlet kids would fucking LOVE it.

CBT are perhaps the first real example of “post-grindcore.” Given the LP’s vaguely disturbing cover art and methodically slow, lumbering pace, were it not for the porno lyrics and gurgling hog-belches, I’d never believe this was strictly ever a “grindcore” band upon initial listen.

For sure, this will disappoint Scum-loving mince-core tweakers that thrive off of the superfast blastbeat shit; some will accuse it of being downright dreadful.

I argue that it is simply misunderstood.

Tracks like “Complex 27” and “Be Raped/Bereaved” have an infernal sort of groove to them; “Close Your Eyes And Bear It” is downright twisted, vocals or no vocals. “Sharp And Slender” has a thrashy mid-tempo bent. All in all, there is an awful lot of “plod” to be had here.

This, perhaps, is the album’s largest crime: there isn’t enough variation. Some of the “lesser” tracks might seem as such if they weren’t sandwiched between identical compositions. By the 6th or 7th track, you’re positively sick of it all. This CD is best listened to track at a time. There are so many songs with strong memorable riffs (“Sono Sterile Theory,” etc.); and yet, to the average listener, they are buried in a mid-paced lump of a record.

This are some excellent concepts, sound-wise, and the record itself, on a track-for-track basis, has many strong points—but the lack of variation is a death knell.

While the average old Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror fan would rather eat a steaming pile of walrus shit than listen to this, open-minded fans of German grind machine Blood, Satanic evil-core pioneers Bloodlet, or mid-period Obituary will find something to like here. And hell, those spikey-haired metalcore kids might just dig it, too.
Track Listing

1. Another Arch Abraded
2. Close Your Eyes And Bear It
3. Blindfold/Bare/Submissive
4. Complex 27
5. Be Raped/Bereaved
6. She No Longer Cared
7. Sharp And Slender
8. Sono Sterile Theory
9. Thickening
10. Six Holes Cut
11. Thirty Degrees Backwards
12. Contagious
13. One Inch Left


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