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Cobolt 60
The Grim Defiance
December 2015
Released: 2012, Demonhood Productions
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: JP

In early 2016 Blood Red Throne will release their new album, UNION OF FLESH AND MACHINE. In anticipation of this exciting event I decided to go back to review the last couple of BRT albums as well as a few very cool side-projects of founder Daniel Olaisen; Big City, Cobolt 60 and Zerozonic. Enjoy all five album reviews in this mini-feature of the industrious and prolific Daniel Olaisen.

This is one of Olaisen’s odder projects. Cobolt 60 is a two-man project featuring Olaisen and his old band mate Mr. Hustler, aka Flemming Gluch, which is not likely his real name either! The pair have collaborated on two albums Mr. Hustler doing drums and vocals and Olaisen handling bass and guitar. THE GRIM DEFIANCE is their second album.

This is a dark little underground album released on the Demonhood label which didn’t last very long. The eight track, 37 minute collection of songs has budget packaging and presentation although it does have an 8-page booklet all in black and white with lyrics. It had been 10 years since the bands debut, and I use the term ‘band’ lightly as it seems to be more of a fun studio thing recorded by Olaisen at his home studios, Mayhem Music. I don’t think Cobolt 60 ever toured to the best of my knowledge.

THE GRIM DEFIANCE is quite grim, but not altogether unfun, it is a decent slab of blackened thrash ‘n’ roll with emphasis of the black. Imagine Motorhead on crack. The duo bash out some simple tunes and run with it paying tribute to the elder days of thrashy underground music, something Darkthrone made a habit of doing in the third phase of their career. Mr. Hustler barks it out and even throws in some smile-inducing death grunts reminiscent of T.G. Warrior. The production is raw the playing is loose and fast, maybe even close to coming off the rails, which is what this music should probably sound like. The standout track in my mind is ‘Hammer The Creationist’. Everything is fast and unpolished, simple songs just torn out of the early 80’s Black Metal playbook, each page crumpled up and set on fire and the ashes snorted chased by a bottle of something black. Lyrically the band touches on religion, hell and demons and throws in couple of songs in their native tongue.

Cobolt 60 is the name of a radioactive isotope most commnly cited in nuclear fallout and dirty bombs. Quite appropriate! This is the album that Quorthon listens to in heaven on repeat just to piss off the neighbours. It might be tough to track down but worth it for fans of the deep and the dark.
Track Listing

1. The Grim Defiance
2. Of Antipathy and Solitude
3. Hammer the Creationist
4. The Return of Theia
5. Sort
6. Radiant Animosity Towards the Flesh
7. Beinkald
8. You Are, Therefore You Die!


Mr. Hustler Drums, Vocals
Død Guitars, Bass



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