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Global Drama
October 2008
Released: 2008, Golden Core Records/ZYX Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Cloudscape released their debut album in 2005 and it was really well received by the fans and media alike. The band also had a hit with the song “Under Fire” from that CD.. CRIMSON SKIES is the name of the band’s second output that was released in 2006. In order to promote their second disc the band toured extensively. They performed at Sweden Rock Festival and ProgPower UK just to mention a few places. Now the band’s third album is here. Iit was supposed to be released before the summer but was delayed. Better late than never and I could wait an eternity to hear an album of this caliber. GLOBAL DRAMA is also the first release on the bands new record label.

Cloudscape plays progressive melodic metal that’s influenced by neo-classical elements. But the band has gone through some musical changes if you compare this new disc to the previous one. On GLOBAL DRAMA I think the band have brought in more melodic metal influences and narrowed down the more neo-classical elements. The music is very complex and the musicians have to be very skilled to be able to perform such versatile music. The keyboard has been giving more space in this production in order to make it a little more melodic but the guitars are still in focus. Lead singer Mike Andersson has an amazing voice and he sounds like no other singer in this genre.. Without seeing the cover you instantly know that this is a Cloudscape album just by listening to the music. The band has managed to create their own image through the years and that isn’t something many bands manage to do. Axe-men Eliasson and Svärd deliver heavy riffs and they compliment each other perfect. The rhythm section consisting of Haynes on bass and Landin on drums feels solid as a rock and they pump out a solid groove.

The album is pretty long, it clocks in at 70 minutes but that’s not a problem. I could easily have enjoyed many minutes more of GLOBAL DRAMA. The material is so even and solid that the album doesn’t have any dull moments at all. My personal killer tracks are “Mind Diary”, “Darkest Legacy”, “Paid In Blood”, “Alagoas”, “Static”, “Ritual Of The Blade” and “Justice” which all are technical and progressive melodic metal with lots of tempo and attitude. Also “Cloak And Daggers”, “The Silence Within” and “One Silent Moment” is worth mentioning. The band has tried something quite new here. They have slowed down the tempo to midtempo and added some oriental features. It sounds a bit different from what you’re used to hearing from Cloudscape but it feels fresh and it’s fun to hear that the guys have the guts to try something new. Bagpipes are used in the last song mentioned and that is something un-expected.

The up-tempo ballad “Fragile” has a lot of feeling and passion inside it and in this song Andersson shows that he is one of the better up and coming singers in Sweden at the moment. I think the band has written even stronger and even more solid material on GLOBAL DRAMA compared to their previous albums. This is a fun disc to listen to and it lasts for several hours. The band did record the disc in RoastingHouse Studio in Malmoe Sweden and I have had some serious problems with outputs from that studio earlier. My main concern and problem with that studio is that they haven’t been able to produce any harder band or any band that wants to have any kind of harder musical approach. But something has happened and this production feels as solid as a rock. All the elements are in place and the production, made by Pontus Lindmark and Roger Landin feels in perfect harmony with the music. This time there’s nothing that lacks at all. GLOBAL DRAMA is one of the best albums that have ever come out from RoastingHouse Studio so far.

If you haven’t guessed it already I totally love GLOBAL DRAMA and it’s gonna be real hard to top this. Cloudscape has shown that they are a force to be reckoned with and that they are one of the leading acts within the melodic progressive metal genre now. This disc is gonna land high up on my best of list for 2008. Go out and buy GLOBAL DRAMA because it doesn’t get much better than this. This is the year of Cloudscape…. you have been warned.
Track Listing

Mind Diary
Darkest Legacy
Cloak And Daggers
Paid In Blood
The Silence Within
One Silent Moment
Eyes Of Jealousy
Ritual Of The Blade


Mike Andersson – lead vocals, keyboards
Björn Eliasson – guitar, keyboards
Patrik Svärd – guitar
Haynes Pherson – bass, b-vox
Roger Landin – drums

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