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September 2006
Released: 2005, Voice Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

The first thing I will need from you before starting to read this review is the following. 1) Go to your CD collection and grab the following CDs: Exodus FABULOUS DISASTER, Nuclear Assault’s SURVIVE, Sepultura´s ROOTS and CHAOS A.D, Cannibal Corpse’s TOMB OF THE MUTILATED AND Pantera´s VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER 2) Then go to your kitchen and get the blender. 3) Throw all the CDs and at full speed crash them until they are turned to dust. 4) Glue it all together and what you will have in your hands is the brutal FULMINANT.

FULMINANT is the third release from Claustrofobia, a Brazilian four-piece that have the heaviest of Metal running through their veins. They surely know how to write powerful and full on speed Thrash Metal hymns that will explode your head. The music is also very dynamic and full of changes. Take of instance the opener “Disorder and Decay”. It starts with a very powerful part, then goes full on speed and then you are jamming to a Pantera type of breakdown. All executed perfectly. This type of changes and dynamics apply to all of the songs. Other standout tracks for me are “Reality Show”, which also has a video that you can download from their website, “Claustruth” and “Eu Quero E Que Se Foda”, a mosh pit anthem that has a guitar solo from none other than Andreas Kisser from the Sepultura tribe.

The production is excellent and has a very organic feel to it. You can also hear the bass very clearly. If I had to criticize something in this department it would be the crash cymbal. I think it is a now well mixed and sometimes disconcentrates you a bit from the music. But besides this very small detail, the production is really top notch. Excellent and the most important thing of all, very powerful.

Brazil has once again proven that quality is a big part of their Metal. Claustrofobia and FULMINANT should be praised for releasing such a ferocious slab of Brutal Thrash Metal. This stuff surely kicks the ass of 90% of the bands out there. And if you don’t like it Eu Quero e Que Se Foda. Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

1. Disorder and Decay
2. Reality Show
3. Claustruth
4. Underground Party
5. It´s Not Enough to Exceed...You Must Run Over
6. Terror Against Terror
7. Protective Hate
8. Witness
9. Roots of Disease
10. Eu Quero é que se Foda
11. Necessary Evil
12. Two Faced
13. Fact
Reality Show (Bonus multimedia videoclip)


Marcus D'angelo - Guitar/Vocals
Caio D'angelo - Drums
Alexandre De Orio - Guitar
Daniel Bonfogo - Bass/Backing Vocals

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