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Claim The Throne
Forged In Flame
October 2013
Released: 2013, Prime Cuts Music/ Rocket Distribution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Question: What do you get if you throw Blackmore’s Knight and Turisas into a cooking pot?

Answer: Claim the Throne

Formed 2005 in Perth Australia, Claim The Throne have built a reputation for outrageous live performances and a unique style of metal, releasing Triumph and Beyond in 2010, Forged In Flame is the Third full length studio album containing a very impressive 14 tracks that will have you moshing, dancing and Jigging.

Every now and then when the Planets have lined and the Moon is in the correct cycle phase, a band will produce something very special that will stand the test of time, and Claim The Throne have just that with Forged In Flame. For the first time since I can remember I decided to do some background work on the band before playing the album. But I need not have bothered because all the write ups on the group were very positive and not a bad review on them could be found. Forged In Flame has everything for the classic folk feel through to the thunderous spine snapping death metal and it mixes very well, to be truthful here the mix of the two genres works better than any other genre combined. This is one album I would highly recommend you listen to through Headphones in a darkened room. The music takes you away to a very scarred place, and has the ability to spin you through time and space on what you can class as a epic mind journey. Even the album cover has so much happening and speaks a thousand words and gives you the epic story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes to fight the war of defeat.

The Intro into Track1 Ravagelands starts the journey, as the thunder Roar’s in the distance it is joined by the Violin (a nice opening and something that I was not expecting), and as the keyboards start the rhythm and the song starts opens the road of your very mind. This track has a great mix of Musical talent and what can be best described as the pure gravel vocals you would expect from a death metal band, But you are in the state of confusion, because you are unsure is you should be Moshing out or just throwing the horn’s (and that is not a bad thing). As the song progresses your senses really take a battering from all sides, (But your eyes also keep looking at the Album cover, and you are thinking is this from the same band)

Claim the Throne have been able not to just combine Death and Folk but also Pirate, Old school rock and classical all into the same pot. As Ravagelands ends is goes straight into The World Growls Dull then from there into tack 3-4-5-6 etc, and it soon becomes very clear this is no normal album, but a very skilfully constructed master peace that tells a story that needs no breaks

A grand Destruction (Track 3) has the very classic Death metal feel, a track of sheer growling power that will awaken you from any sleep, but you really need to listen to everything that is going on here (I strongly recommend headphones) so much is happening in the mix, but everything works from the pure aggressive vocals to the fast shredding and thunderous drums, but midway through the track everything changes and it is not a nasty change either.

Each track has been given a title that really stands out from the crowd, example; Darkened Seas Collide, Essence of A Scorched Realm, Incursion...each one of the titles have been thought about and like the music so much has been placed on the final production In The Mist (Track5)...was a shock to me this is pure folk and so relaxing the acoustic guitars echo through the room, before the spine tingling drums thunder through, and this mix continues smashing you from side to side. These guys really need to tour Europe and the UK; they would take the countries by storm

Incursion (Track 8) has a very Pirate metal feel in the intro and makes you want to just jig…this single track would have the beer following and people dancing on tables.

The production and final mix that has gone into this album is just outstanding, and has been taken to a whole new level and is something that the guys should be very proud of achieving

At the Oceans Edge (Track 9) opens with the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore and the peaceful intro continues through the songs as the acoustic guitars gently strum through the track. A great relaxing track that allows you to try and sum up the album so far...

Gloryfeast (Track 11) opens up very fast and will make sure that if you have a beer in your hand that you have it held tight, because you don’t want to spill a drop, again nothing but sheer talent runs through this track and by now your are getting tired from the dancing and moshing but you don’t want it to end.

Chronicle (Track 14) and the final track of the album will take you by surprise (and in a nice way), I was not expecting the style of the song to appear, but then I should know better, as each track of the album has been a complete ride.

But Chronicle showed how talented the band are and that they can turn any instrument and make it work within the genre, and I think you will agree this track is just so peaceful that you will end up asleep and exhausted.

Forged In Flame has been the single most difficult album that I have had the honour to review to date, it has bashed me from all angles, my music sense have not known which why to turn, but I can say this Claim the Throne tick every single box and their music will appeal to all in the Metal genre.

Review by AWG
Track Listing

I. Ravagelands
II. The World Grows Dull
III. A Grand Destruction
IV. Zephyrus
V. In The Mist
VI. Forged In Flame
VII. Serpent And The Star
VIII. Incursion
IX. At The Ocean’s Edge
X. Essence Of A Scorched Realm
XI. Gloryfeast
XII. Darkened Seas Collide
XIII. In Blood Be Sworn
XIV. Chronicle


Brendon Capriotti
Jim Parker
Jesse Millea
Ashley Large
Glenn Dyson

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