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True Nature Unfolds
July 2005
Released: 2005, Earache
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Channeling all of the rage and uncontrolled chaos of bands like Isis, Neurosis and fusing it with a certain death/doom approach reminding me of Swallow the Sun, Callisto have burst forth with one of the most confusing and twisted albums of 2005. Being from Finland, you’d half expect the band to play flower-covered power metal, but nothing is further from the truth. Make no mistake; this album will not be kind to you. It will punish you.

After a throwaway intro track, the band explodes into all its dissonant glory with “Blackhole”, taking more twists and turns in a single crushing song than some bands take over the course of an entire album! From there the trip only gets weirder as the band takes its star-gazing insanity and sucks you in with repetitive quiet passages just so the can disintegrate your pitiful skull when the inevitable explosion comes. There are many such moments throughout TRUE NATURE UNFOLDS, and all of them are effective.

So why the average score? Because there are too many soft repetitive passages! The band tends to let things simmer a little too long to the point that it can get boring. The same can be said for some of the heavier parts as well. I know that bands like these are more about creating atmospheres and moods than simply rocking out but sometimes I just want to headbang dammit!

Here’s the thing – I hated this album the first time I heard it but it grows on you. It’s quite likely that if I were to review this album next month I up the score a full point. For fans of this bizarre genre, TRUE NATURE UNFOLDS is a must have. Everyone else would probably do well to take least a test rocket-ride with Callisto to see if they can handle the turbulence.
Track Listing

1. 31 46 N 35 14 E
2. Blackhole
3. Limb Diasporas
4. Cold Stare
5. Storm
6. Caverns of Khafka
7. Like Abel’s Blood Cried Revenge
8. World’s Collide
9. Masonic
10. The Great Divorce


Ariel Bjorkland: Drums
Johannes Nygard: Guitar
Juho Niemela: Bass, Backing Vocals
Markus Myllykangas: Vocals, Guitar

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