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Cirith Gorgor
Visions of Exulted Lucifer
April 2016
Released: 2016, Hammerheart Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The life of a long running metal band is never easy, and many bands quickly fall into patterns of haemorrhaging members after releases, repeating the same pattern time and time again with each new release. One such band that have fallen into this pattern the last few years is one of the Netherland’s most renown black metal bands, Cirith Gorgor. After yet another shakeup in members, the band have returned in 2016 with their first full length album in 5 years, Visions of Exulted Lucifer.

Harsh and unrelenting, Visions of Exulted Lucifer is everything you would expect from a modern day purist’s black metal album. The sound echoes with influences from past behemoths. While it may pull influence from the old sound, it certainly doesn’t have any of its power, with the opening track Salvator proving agonisingly repetitive as the listener is dragged through the 8-minute-long track. From there on out the album doesn’t really seem to improve, with each track lacking in variety of structure or style. With over half of the tracks coming in at over 5 minutes long, Visions of Exulted Lucifer quickly descends into a long trawl through a series of meaningless and overly-lengthy tracks that add nothing to the experience.

The album does have a few redeeming features. The band have avoided the trappings of the badly recorded black metal album which has now well and truly fallen into black metal cliché. The clarity of the instruments makes the sound in the album almost enjoyable at points. Unfortunately no amount of good sound ever makes up for a lack of solid material in an album and that’s what we can see with Visions of Exulted Lucifer. It may be good for as background material but this isn’t a band we will hear entering elite status anytime soon.
Track Listing

1. Salvator
2. A Vision Of Exalted Lucifer
3. Of Black Dimensions...
4. ...And Demonic Wisdom
5. Wille Zur Macht
6. Rite Of Purification - Vanished
From This World
7. Into The Nameless Void
8. The Luciferian Principle


Levithmong (Drums)
Waldtyr (Bass)
Valefor (Guitar)
Marchosias (Guitar)
Satanael (Vocals)

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