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December 2014
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I classify myself as a positive reviewer. Some reviewers (in magazines, weblogs, webzines etc) feel that it is their job to criticize and point out the negatives. I have always worked on a ‘live and let die’ principle. Bands could and should survive on their own merit in a free market. I would rather say something positive and encouraging about a new young band that I want to support than waste my time tearing down a new young band. There are some exceptions and Circuitry is one of those. Normally, I would not even bother reviewing the progressive, scream, metal-core of New Jersey’s Circuitry but I thought I might provide the regular readers of with a warning.

Circuitry has former members of Dark Empire. Yes, the very same Dark Empire that put out a pair of really good albums and had such Metal titans as Urban Breed and Jens Carlsson on vocals. The band founder, decided to discontinue the band, and go in a new direction. I’m thankful for that choice of changing the name, for if this collection of songs had come out as Dark Empire it would have tarnished their legacy and really annoyed me.

I won’t waste your time (or mine) by extensively tearing this band down but suffice to say, it is a horrible album of metalcore with all the negative connotations that come with it, especially the electro-distorted screamy/whiny vocals courtesy of generic new guy who couldn’t match the natural talent of icons Jens or Urban in a million years. The album has stupid lyrics (Divorce Court), bad breakdowns, a total lack of energy and no passion. It’s just poorly done all round. Even the cover art (featuring a digital eyeball) has been already been done by a dozen Prog bands. Zero originality and it is so disappointing because they have already proven that they can do so much better. Maybe it is just a ill advised phase, a desperate attempt at commercialization, a moment of weakness to chase a trend, but whatever the reason for the dramatic change for the worse, hopefully they might resurrect Dark Empire and return to real Metal one day.

On Facebook they list their influences as ‘Sikth, Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan, Killswitch Engage, Animals as Leaders, Deftones’ so you can see they have really moved away from Metal. If you were thinking of checking Circuitry out due to the past Dark Empire connection, save your time, energy and money.
Track Listing

1. The One Who Knocks
2.Safe Words
3. Watch Our Shadows Cast
4. The Monster in Her Womb
5. Unplug
6. Horizon
7. Perfect Vision
8. Refractory
9. Rarefactions
10. Divorce Court
11. States of Existence


Christian Colabelli - guitar
Eric Ulna - guitar
Charles Radius - bass
Matt Guglielmo - drums
Joel Monet - vocals



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