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Callenish Circle
Graceful...Yet Forbidding
January 2002
Released: 1999, Edgerunner
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

There is an underlying pervasive quality in metal from the Netherlands and this is another example of a great band. This review is a bit of a sneak preview of sorts. CC have signed to Metal Blade and in February you will be hearing a lot praise for this relatively unknown band.

I believe this is their third CD and the title is very apt. The nice rendered cover has a graceful chick holding a forbidding word, a true classic metal image! Inside fairly dull packaging but it does the job with lyrics and liner notes. This was the second release by fledgling label Edgerunner Records. If they keep signing cool bands like this they are destined to have a good future!

CC have a great dark, doom-death sound with many traditional metal influences, especially in some of the soloing! The opening cut kills both with melody, harmony and power. My ears were greeted (and thrilled) by the very catchy song with very growly, but not totally indecipherable vocals. If I had to pick a band of similar style and quality I would choose In Flames. They have a nice dual edged vocal attack, one partly death metal, one partly hissing black metal. Very cool!

This five piece really impressed me with this 68 minute long CD and 15 cuts of total quality heavy metal. The songs have a variety of moods, tempos, some fast, some slower, great soloing and a really nice production. It is no wonder Metal Blade poached this treasure from the Edgerunner label! One minor complaint at 68 minutes it almost seemed a bit too long I fond after the first 55 minutes it didn’t hold my interest enough. Maybe they had said all they had to say musically by the last 3-4 tracks they had run out of ideas, but top marks for good value!!

If you can’t track down this fairly rare CD I strongly encourage you to get their new CD FLESH-POWER-DOMINION out now in Europe and in North America in February. Unless they have radically changed, I’m betting they will make many Top 10 lists in 2002.
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