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Callenish Circle
Forbidden Empathy
February 2005
Released: 2005, Candlelight
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Cutting to the chase this is simply a re-issue of old material. Nothing new, nothing special. The critic and/or cynic in me says that considering the new full-length Callenish circle studio CD comes out very soon, the timing seems very ..convenient. However, this CD was issued last September in Europe so maybe it is not so bad.

I don’t know how these licensing deals come about but somehow Callenish Circle have landed on label #11, Candlelight. Yes, eleven (by my count) different record labels from around the world have issued this bands material in one form or another. Candlelight is pushing this as the first time this material is available in North America. Well, technically yes, it is the first domestic release but Callenish Circle CD’s are fairly easy to find. I have Edgerunner and DFSA versions myself found right in my hometown, I didn’t even need to special order them.

Politics and industry aside for a moment, it is quite cool that Candlelight believes enough in the band to make this stuff available in North America and there is the added bonus of a very low price for a double disc. Here is your chance to grab the first three CC releases in one nice set without having to buy them separately like I did. Other good features are the cool and clever new title, (you figure it out) nice artwork and the Lovelorn demo from 1995. Most of the demo made it onto the debut but what the heck, it is cool to have. It is pretty darn good quality for a demo!

I reviewed ‘Graceful Yet Forbidding’ on this site three years ago and gave it very high marks of 4.5/5. My rating still stands as the band stands the test of time. I actually enjoy the older material a little better as their latest two left me a little cold, perhaps due to the ever-changing line-up (including the loss of the guitarist and founding member, Jos Evers) and a newer, more industrial style.

The three out of five rating represents an average grade for a re-issue. Musically, my grade for this band is much higher. I absolutely recommend this for fans who only have heard the post 2000, Metal Blade era material.
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