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Church of Void
Dead Rising
August 2013
Released: 2013, Svart Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Anyone who wasn’t paying close attention to the Finnish doom/trad metal seen last year could have very easily missed Church Of Void. I personally however, doubt that this band shall go unnoticed for much longer. This debut album is simply, a belter, which is sure to make a notable impact on at least the underground rock/metal scene, with its crossover appeal; I feel this album could go down with fans of both Black Sabbath, and Alice Chains, not to mention all bands in-between.

The opening riff of track 1, Tristress makes a strong impact. This album is no nonsense, and no frills, just hard rocking grooves and some eerie doom touches. Winter Is Coming is a great showcase for the haunting side of Magus Corvus’s vocals, and the memorable six string ostinatos of axe men Adolf Darkschneider and Georgios Funeral.

Owls Are Listening is a personal highlight, with its watery guitars launching into a Pantera style drum groove, accompanied by another great riff. The middle section is sure to strike a chord with many doom fans, with spiral cackles of fret board trills and unearthly chordal feel.

Moving on to the second half of the record, The Magician has certainly got a party feel to it, starting off with sound of someone cracking open a can (of an alcoholic beverage I would imagine). Entity of Kalypso provides the sludge, one could be mistaken for think it was 1973 again if it wasn’t for modern delivery of Corvus’s deep groans and moans.

Closing track, Little Child Lost serves as a good choice for an ender, with an epic atmosphere and a sing a long appeal just made for arenas.

Production wise the album is modern and clean without falling into the trap where the music loses its soul, the drums are all that sometimes sound a little clinical for my liking. For sure, this band is a very modern project, one only has to look at the cover artwork to understand this, but many traditional metal fans will surely find something which they enjoy greatly on this record too. Highly enjoyed and recommended.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Tristess
2. Son of a Witch
3. Winter Is Coming
4. Dead Rising
5. Owls Are Listening
6. The Magician
7. Entity of Kalypso
8. Little Child Lost


Harley Warlock - Bass and backing vocals,
Bryon Vortex - Drums,
Adolf Darkschneider - Lead guitar,
Georgios Funeral - Rhythm guitar,
Magus Corvus - Vocals

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