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Chuck Schuldiner
Zero Tolerance II
November 2004
Released: 2004, Karmageddon Media/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Won’t this company give in and respect Chuck’s family’s wishes because now they have released “ZERO TOLERANCE II”. Already “ZERO TOLERANCE I” gave me a bad taste in my mouth when I read in the booklet that Chuck’s family didn’t want to release these albums but Karmageddon didn’t care about that at all and went along and released not one but two albums against his family’s wishes. That’s pretty low.

Chuck signed on for this label and began to work on “CONTROL DENIED” which was almost finished when he so tragically past away. Now the label owns the legal right to that album and by some reason Chuck’s family doesn’t want Karmageddon to release it. “ZERO TOLERANCE” contained 4 demos without titles and with only guitar and drums, it also contained 2 demos that are of such a bad quality that you almost couldn’t listen to it. The 2 older demos were taken from tape copies where the label tried to up-grade the quality but the failed miserably. Just as on the last album there is an unknown person who has written a very strange and almost threatful letter against the Shuldiner family in the booklet, it’s only signed with Hammerheart (now Karmageddon Media).

Amongst the most stunning words in the booklet are the lines “Do not believe the rumors, support good metal music… sit back and let the metal flow once again”. It’s stunning in the way that this album is NOT in any way meant to bring back the metal and god music Chuck played. It is all is a cheap trick to earn money from a dead legend. Don’t be fooled.

I was not happy about the first release and I don’t think any different when I hear this album. Again, they have dug out 2 old demos: “DEATH BY METAL” (84) and “REIGN OF TERROR” (85) and they are the 2 first demos Death ever made and altogether it makes 11 tracks. The quality of these demos sounds better compared to the first album and it feels also a bit more interesting if you like Death.

As a bonus the company has added 8 live tracks in order to make a whole CD just like the last time. The info note says that this was a soundboard recording which was taken from the Spiritual Healing tour in 90 at the After Dark Club in Texas. To quote the info note “And so far there is no cool live recording available from those early days”. But in my ears this doesn’t sound like an soundboard recording at all, it sounds like a bad bootleg recording and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve heard better tape recordings than this live recording.

I can’t recommend this to anyone, not even the hardcore fans of Death. I don’t think that we should support an album that’s only purpose is to make money on the fact that Chuck is dead. I think all the fans, myself included, should boycott both this album and the first one. By releasing this Karmageddon Media shows that they are nothing but profit hungry sharks.

We have to accept that the Schuldiner family doesn't want to release “CONTROL DENIED” If that’s the family’s wish we have to take that.
Track Listing

Legion of doom
Evil dead
Beyond the unholy grave
Power of darkness
Death by metal
Corpse grinder
Summon to die
Witch of hell
Reign of terror

Bonus live songs
Living monstrosity
Pull the plug
Zombie ritual
Altering the future
Left to die
Spiritual healing
Defensive personalities





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